Tips on Preventing Yourself from Losing Your Luggage

Traveling is a fun activity that everyone should experience every once in a while; but losing luggage and stressing yourself over it is another story. There are a lot of ways to avoid missing or stolen baggage, and we are here to discuss those tips to you.

Remove the old airport/airline tags on your luggage

This one’s really easy, although it’s an important move to prevent your bags from going missing. Old airline tags can confuse airport personnel, which can lead them to sending the bags to a different location. You wouldn’t want you to be in Brisbane while your luggage is in Germany!
Check in at least 2 hours early before your departure
You never know how long the lines are going to get. It’s best to arrive hours early for your flight, as baggage handlers need ample time to process your baggage and load them to your plane. Late passengers tend to get separated from their luggage more than early passengers.
Put your itinerary inside your bags
It’s actually best if you put it on top of your belongings inside your luggage. Tags can easily be torn off during flights, as airport staff can get rough when handling these bags. Airport and airline staff opens delayed and missing bags to look for contact information, and placing your itinerary inside your baggage makes it easier for them to track you down.
Take some photos of your luggage
As with every missing case, photos are very crucial evidence. Handing a photo of what your baggage looks like makes it easier for the airport staff to find your stuff and bring them back to you.
Use a strap or personally decorate the exterior of your luggage
Make your baggage look distinct and recognizable by both you and the other passengers. This eliminates the chances of someone else picking up your baggage mistakenly on the baggage carousel.
List everything that is inside your luggage
Make a list of every single thing that is inside, however small or big they may be. The airline may ask for some proof when your luggage goes missing, and having a list of the stuff in there to prove that it is yours can save you a lot of time and effort.
Consider getting insurance
Most airlines offer luggage insurance to avoid it from going missing. If you are willing to pay the extra fee to minimize the possibility of your luggage getting lost, then go ahead and do so. All you have to do is ask the check-in person that you would like to insure your baggage, and then follow the steps that they will give. Having a credit card with you for additional fees may come in handy.

Finding out that you have excess baggage prior to your scheduled flight can cause a lot of hassle. Refrain from throwing things out by bringing your own car to the airport, rather than taking a cab. It’s much cheaper, too! Park your car at Brisbane Airport, and we’ll take good care of your it for you. See you soon and enjoy your trip!


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