Score Great Seats to the New York Fashion Week 2017!

On the Event

The New York Fashion Week is a haven for fashionistas all over the world. Elegant and detailed Fall and Winter pieces from talented designers will be showcased this coming fashion week, which will be held in February 9 -17, 2017.

The NYFW is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, and definitely one that is worth attending. Contrary to popular belief, the public can actually attend and watch the New York Fashion Week, you just have to know which shows to go to. Some shows are reserved for just bloggers, buyers, and the press, while other dates are meant for public viewing.

On Getting Tickets

Buyers and the press usually contact the design houses directly, which can send them invites to the show. For bloggers, it is recommended to submit for an accreditation to show producers such as IMG, which opens up a few weeks before the big event.

The public actually has lots of choices when it comes to public shows. You can opt to join contests and win tickets as prize giveaways, or buy the tickets yourselves for sure seats. Macy’s, emerging designers, and producers offer tickets to the event, so make sure to follow your chosen fashion icons and companies on social media for updates.

On the Dates

The Shows at FTL Moda with Fashion Week Online, presented by Samsung, starts on the 9th of February 2017 and ends on the 11th. The show presents models wearing hip pieces, and represents the New York street style. You can also see and score cool bags and shoes at the event – so make sure to keep your eyes open for cute pieces and items!

The Uptown Fashion Week will happen in between February 14 – 16 2017, and will feature some of the best Latin American fashion designers. Agatha Ruiz de LA Prada from Spain and Benito Santos from Mexico are just some of the most sought-after designers that will be featured in the show.

On More Events

The Street Fashion Week in New York might just be the brightest and most fun fashion show in NYFW. It will be held on the 16th of February 2017, where fashion lovers can choose from bright and fun pieces made by amazing designers. With designers taking inspiration from the hip hop culture, the hip and young crowd is surely going to love the collections included in the show.

More and more shows in the NYFW are now available for viewing to the public. Just last season, opportunities such as Bloomingdale’s pop ups and free fashion lounges at La Sirena gave the locals and the tourists opportunities to watch fashion shows in New York.

It’s best to be prepared for your travels if you are planning to attend the New York Fashion Week, as it can get pretty hectic in New York. Airport parking is the way to go if you want to take yourself to the airport. Make sure to pack all your essentials with you, and always remember to pack light! It’s time to put your best outfit on and enjoy, fashionista!


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