Parking Chaos in the Gold Coast

Waking up to discover that your car, which you are still paying for, is taken by the city government. Why? Because you parked it on the street.

This is the current dilemma facing a lot of Gold Coast residents. With a population of more than 600,000, partnered with the city’s lack of public transport, more and more people have resorted to driving their cars. However, this has caused havoc in the streets of this town, with already narrow streets becoming even more narrow as more and more people have resorted to parking their vehicles outside of suburban homes.

Because of this, residents have raised concerns that emergency vehicles like fire engines will not be able to access the streets should an emergency arise.

Some of the hardest parts of the Gold Coast to find a parking space were Coolangatta, Burleigh Heads, Chevron Island, Main Beach and Nobby’s Beach.

The parking situation has gotten so bad that drivers have resorted to leaving their cars in store parking lots, much to the dismay of shop owners who reserved their parking spaces for paying customers.

As a result, store owners have called towies to remove these illegally parked cars, and if drivers want them back, they need to pay a $440 fine.

Ratepayer groups, along with the chamber of commerce, are putting pressure on the council to reduce the car park fees to ease the congestion on city streets. Unfortunately, the council wasn’t keen on the idea, and instead released a parking meter system that fails to provide an acknowledgement payment, much to the dismay of drivers.

Hopefully, the city government can come up with a solution to the parking problem soon. But until then, there is plenty of space to park your car with us here at Alpha Airport Parking in the Gold Coast. Here, your car is sure to be safe, especially if you are travelling soon and want to save.


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