5 Things You Should Know When Looking for Cheap Travel

5 Things You Should Know When Looking for Cheap Travel Accommodation

Are expensive accommodations putting you off from your travel plans? Don’t worry. There’s always a solution to those budget-busting rates. If you’re planning your next trip and are looking for a cheap place to stay here are some tips to help you land the best deal for your budget.

Stick to low-cost options if you don’t really need a swanky hotel room

hotel roomImage by Hostelworld

If your main reason for travelling is to go on a shopping spree or spend the day exploring attractions and tourist traps, you’re better off with a hostel, a backpacker, or a B&B room. A bed, a small table and chair, a cabinet, and bathroom are all you’ll need if you’ll be out all day during your vacation. Plus, many low cost options such as hostels, backpackers, and B&Bs provide neat perks, such as free or low-cost Wi-Fi and access to kitchen amenities, so you won’t really be inconvenienced.

Use social media to land special deals

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Many businesses nowadays use social media to lure in customers. And they do this through exclusive online deals through Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. So next time you’re surfing through Facebook, go to the Facebook or Twitter page of the accommodation you’re planning to book with and see if they have any current specials. Some businesses even hold online contests with huge discounts or even a free stay as the grand prize.

Look for those with price beat guarantee offers

price beat guarantee offersA price beat guarantee is a way for businesses to attract plenty of customers. After all, who can say no to the lowest rate? Do a search online and look for a hotel that offers a low rate. Then contact another hotel that offers a price beat guarantee, and see if they can give you an even lower price. If you’re able to give solid proof such as an online page that indicates the price offered by the first hotel, the second hotel will have to honor their price beat guarantee. Conditions do apply for offers like this, so make sure you carefully read the policies.

Look for family-owned establishments

family owned establishments

Family-owned and run establishments usually rely on word-of-mouth than on paid ads, so they take extra good care of their customers by offering reliable service and affordable rates. And because they’re smaller and pay less business tax than big hotels, you can expect cheaper prices.

Choose a place that’s located a few blocks from the city centre

The closer you are to the city centre, the higher the rates are. If you don’t want to pay for a ridiculously expensive room, go for a smaller, less popular accommodation that’s just a few blocks from the city centre. This way, you’ll enjoy lower rates but won’t be too far from the city’s transport and tourist hub. This is a plus if you want a relatively quiet area to retreat to after a day of sightseeing and shopping.

With all the money you can save by being a budget-savvy customer, you can use that extra cash to dine out at a swanky place or even hire a car for your convenience. To help you save even more money on your next holiday, go for cheap airport parking that also offers a price beat guarantee.

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