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Airport Parking Monopoly

There has been a lot of hype in the media revolving around the cost of airport parking. It is true that you can pay a lot of money to leave your car at the airport for short or long term periods.

Recent findings by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have revealed that airport parking contributes a massive 21% to the airport’s revenue. The ACCC findings have also revealed that some of the findings are “consistent with airports having a monopoly position”.

Some travellers take advantage of the public transport system. If you are travelling on your own this is no big deal as you would have little luggage and no scampering children to monitor. This sort of travel will, however, be controlled by the time of your departure and arrival.

Other travellers prevail upon friends or family to get them to and from the airport. This usually involves the necessity to park on an hourly basis which is even more expensive.

So where can you find a Good Deal on Airport Parking?

There is a company that offers premium parking with 24 hour surveillance, offsite of the airport at a moderate rate. Don’t let the word offsite put you off. With a free shuttle service, run by cheery staff, running from 5am to 11pm, 7 days a week, you will never miss a flight PLUS you will be offered help with your luggage and be dropped right at the terminal doors. When you return you will be greeted at the terminal and you, your family and your luggage will be delivered back safely to your vehicle.

That doesn’t happen in the airport car park! No more payment and collection of a trolley to ferry heavy luggage to and from the car park, battling its sloping roads, weaving around cars and crossings just to get into the terminal. And, whilst doing all this, how are you going to steer the trolley and control or possibly carry the children as well?

Obviously you will need transport at your destination so why not take advantage of the great discounts and incentives you will receive and take care of all your vehicle needs with one company? It saves on phone calls to be made for bookings, cuts down on the paperwork and keeps everything neat and tidy for the tax man.

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