exploring fraser island

Exploring Fraser Island

When planning your next holiday, check out Fraser Island, a World Heritage site and the largest sand island in the world. Once you step on its sandy shores, you’ll see plenty of unique animals such as dingoes, flying foxes, potoroos, and sugar gliders. Due to its unique location, the entire trip will have you trekking across several ecosystems. Make sure you explore the island’s mangrove and eucalyptus forests, peat swamps, coastal heaths, and sand dunes. If you’re planning to visit this amazing destination, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time at Fraser Island.

Swim and camp at Lake McKenzie

lake mckenzieImage by www.rainbow-beach-holidays.com

Let your feet brush against powder-soft white sands as you get soaked in crystal-clear rainwater. The lake is perched, so its waters don’t come from streams or rivers. If you’re wondering why the rainwater doesn’t drain off, it’s because the lake bed is composed of sand and organic matter that form an impervious layer. It’s basically the perfect swimming hole for you and the kids. Planning to camp here? You’ll be happy to know that the lake is surrounded by campsites that provide toilets and cold shower facilities.

Learn more about the island’s history at Central Station

central stationImage by www.aatkings.com

To know more about this charming island, head to the Central Station, a living proof that it was once a forestry camp back when logging was a booming industry. Take your time and check out the exhibits and well-preserved establishments–you’re sure to learn interesting tidbits about the island’s rich history. One of the displays highlight the island’s development through the years as well as the diverse flora and fauna found at the island. Then trek across the rainforest and loop around Wanggoolba Creek through the wooden boardwalk. You’ll find picturesque views and breath-taking backdrops for amazing selfies.

Go on a 4WD at the Great Sandy National Park

sandy national parkImage by www.nationalparksexplorer.com.au

You’ll need to hire a 4WD to explore the all-sand island to find its hidden gems. Start at the Great Sandy National Park and check out sand dunes, ocean beaches, and rainforests thriving despite its sandy base. Want to know something cool about the island? A unique type of fungi grows on the sands, allowing different kinds of plants to grow and thrive all year long. This is why you’ll see plenty of lush greeneries as you drive across the island. Don’t forget to take snapshots of the island’s gorgeous sceneries, or trek along the short trails for a closer look at the amazing wildlife.

Marvel at the beautiful ruins of the Maheno Shipwreck

maheno shipwreckImage by Joseph M via Flickr

The Maheno Shipwreck is another attraction you should include in your list. This ocean liner was a former medical and cargo ship that washed ashore on Fraser Island in 1935. Get a closer look at the ship’s rusty skeleton and marvel at its ethereal beauty–it’s the perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind picture. Walk around it and see how the sun’s rays reveal the beauty behind the ruins.

See the Cathedrals up close

cathedrals up closeImage by www.seefraserisland.com

Located at the 75 Mile Beach, you’re in for a breath-taking experience when you see The Cathedrals up close. To make the most of your visit, wake up really early. You’ll see the Cathedrals in their majestic colours as the sun’s first rays shine on sand formations. You better have your camera ready since the red, brown, orange, and yellow hues turning the sand cliffs into a wonderful sight won’t last all day. If you’re able to capture this moment in a picture, you now have a priceless, brag-worthy souvenir.

fraser island

source: www.fraserislandferry.com.au

The Fraser Island is an amazing place that offers plenty of activities, sights to behold, and amazing creatures to marvel at. When planning to join any of the island tours, make your booking weeks or months before peak season. It’s best to fly out instead of driving and taking a ferry–you’ll have more time to spend on the island. If you’re coming from Melbourne Airport, it’s a 3-hour and 40-minute flight to Fraser Coast. From Brisbane Airport, you’re in for a 40-minute trip. You can also book a scenic flight to Fraser Island and land directly on the 75 Mile Beach.

If you choose to drive and take a ferry, you have several entry points: Hervey Bay, Brisbane, River Heads, and Rainbow Beach. Take note that the ferries from these entry points land at different parts of Fraser Island. Choose a route that best matches your travel plans.

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