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New Year’s Resolutions for Travellers This Coming 2017

2017 is just a hair’s breadth away, and New Year’s resolutions are now being promised everywhere. Most people aim to be thinner and fit, while some promise to keep more money in the bank. Only a few percentage ends up keeping their resolutions, while others give up at the first sign of discouragement. What is the key to keeping your word, you may ask? Keeping it real and simple – that’s it. Make your New Year’s resolution attainable and you might just make your way through it.

If you are a constant traveller, then definitely try these resolutions suggested by Alpha Airport Parking Gold Coast.

Follow your chosen airlines on social media

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are pretty useful for these kinds of things. They usually post seat sales and end-of-year promos there, so best keep your eyes sealed for those.

Free WiFi everywhere you go

Yes, that’s another resolution for you. Sign up for a hotel loyalty program to get free WiFi almost everywhere you go, not to mention the free breakfast and upgrades that you will get once you decide to be a member.

Book directly

Booking websites can actually cost more than booking directly through the hotel or airline’s website. Save those bucks and get free upgrades when booking directly.

Opt to stay in BNBs and Hostels

If you’re staying longer or just have a strict budget when it comes to your travels, then choose to stay in a bed and breakfast or hostel instead. You can also try emailing Airbnb for discounts for long term stays.

Learn to prepare your own food

This way, you can save more bucks and eat whatever you want when travelling. It’s healthier, too, and much more convenient than finding a restaurant near your hotel or wherever you decided to stay.

Try getting a credit card with no foreign transaction fee

Always keep in mind that you want to save up, and not splurge during your travels. Remember: more money means more travel. Travelling abroad with a credit card that has foreign transaction fees can hurt your budget, as it will add around 3% to all of your purchases.

Sign up for a budget airline program

Check which ones are available in your region,and consider signing up for that. Look out for member flight discounts – they even allow some members to bring extra hand baggage for free! Now, that’s a great deal for travelers who cannot travel light.

Pick a credit based on your spending patterns

Choose one that earns high rewards based on how you spend your money and not just because it’s your favorite travel brand.

Sign Up for Awesome Rewards

However, if you are loyal to just one airline, then you better sign up for their credit card to earn benefits and perks such as free extra hand baggage, free lounge access, and even priority boarding.

These resolutions are surely some that you can keep, especially if you are a constant jet setter. Go on, fly and have fun! Have a great 2017!

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