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flying with children

5 Tips for Getting Through Airport Security With Kids

Getting through airport security with kids in tow can either be a breeze or a parent’s worst nightmare. Just imagine this: you’re carrying your luggage to the check-point counter when your toddler suddenly throws a tantrum.

You want to pick up your kid and calm him down, but you can’t put down the luggage because your companion is busy with the rest of your bags. Fortunately, travelling with young kids doesn’t always have to be like this. Here are a few tips that can help you and your kids get through airport security in one piece.

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travel destinations

The Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2015

Going on holiday without breaking the bank doesn’t mean you have to go without. In fact, there is a range of great travel destinations for budget-conscious travellers.

Travelling on a budget can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Depending on where you travel and what you want to do, you can find a vast array of adventures. We have put together a list of the best budget-friendly places to travel in 2015.

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airport lady

Airport Survival Guide: Tips For Your Next Trip

The airport can be very a stressful place, everyone has somewhere to be and people can sometimes forget about common courtesy.

To save you some stress for the next time you travel, here are some tips of how to keep relaxed and organised during your next trip to the airport.

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travel hygiene tips

Good Hygiene When Travelling is Really Important

A recent study revealed new data about germs in an aeroplane. It stated that germs are often found in various places inside the cabin. That includes the plastic trays, metal toilet buttons, armrests, window shades, and the seat covers among others.

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travel safety

Travel Safety Tips

You can never be too careful when you are travelling, especially if you are alone. You never know who may be listening in on your personal and phone conversations so here are some tips to ensure your safety.

1. Never discuss out loud the destination you intend to visit or the accommodation you are using. You may be unwittingly giving would-be criminals access to you and your personal space without even realising it. If you need to share this with someone, write it down or text them so you know that only they are getting the information.

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make your flight perfect

Staying Safe When Flying and Travelling

With the recent events in commercial aviation, travellers worry about travel safety. It has raised questions about the risks of flying and travelling, including the possibilities of accidents that may occur at any time before, during or after the flight.

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To Book or Not to Book

Deciding to take a trip is always an exciting moment. They say there is a window of opportunity regarding the best time to book a flight.

Some say it is best to book well in advance. This is when the best deals are offered. Others believe just before take-off time is the best time to buy.

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credit cards

Organise Your Credit Cards Before Travelling Overseas

Travelling overseas is a very exciting experience but one that first-time travellers should approach with a reasonable degree of caution. There are all kinds of differences between our laws and culture, and those of most other overseas countries. In some places it is easy to fall victim to theft, particularly of passports, money and credit cards. Western travellers are targets because they are perceived to be wealthy by local standards.

A little bit of organisation with their bank prior to departure is all that is required to protect their credit cards. First, make sure that the contact details the bank has are up to date. Often people have had their accounts for so long that they forget they may have changed some important details.

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