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Make the Next Holiday Trip Easier—Hire a Car

Holidays are great fun and if you are planning on taking a trip then you need to work out what budget you have for it. Finding ways to make your holiday less expensive allows you to get to do more things whilst on holiday.

Things like flying and leaving your car at a parking garage is one way to lessen the expense. If you are wise, you will find a parking garage that offers you transfers to the airport as well as car hire at the other end. Hiring a car with the company you leave your car with is a good way to get discounts on parking at the other end of your trip.

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Convenient Parking at the Airport

If you are catching a flight, then plan ahead to avoid missing your plane. Brisbane traffic is insane.

You could, however, use a parking garage close to the airport and get a transfer from there to the airport, that way you can be there in plenty of time to put your luggage through and catch your flight on time.

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Ensure You Catch Your Flight on Time

Whether you are going on holiday or going on a business trip, catching your flight on time is of the utmost importance. Missing your flight can cause all sorts of hassles and it is the last thing you want to do.

The biggest issue with getting to your flight on time is finding parking and this can be a difficult thing to do, especially if there are a lot of others getting flights at the same time.

By getting on the internet and finding a parking garage close to the airport that offers transport to the airport, you will be saving time and also ensuring that you get to your flight on time.

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Airport Parking Monopoly

There has been a lot of hype in the media revolving around the cost of airport parking. You can pay a lot of money to leave your car at the airport for short or long term periods.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission revealed that airport parking contributes a massive 21% to the airport’s revenue. The ACCC findings also found that airports have a monopoly position.

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