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Sliding Through Airport Security With the Minimum of Fuss

There is a real art to getting through the security check at the airport quickly. You can separate the more seasoned travellers from the casuals by the way they handle this part of the process.

Act like a seasoned traveller

Be more confident and act like you know what you’re doing. Choose a line that looks like it moves faster. Following a family with three children may be the shortest line, but not necessarily the quickest.

Once at the conveyer belt it will be all essentials out of coat pockets quickly and coat on top in a separate tray going through first. This is because once they have passed through they will be the first things they collect. So it’s coat back on, keys, phone wallet, and change back in pockets first followed by whatever may be coming next.

This then frees them up to collect any other articles such as a bag or laptop. If they do have a laptop it is always placed separately in an easy access compartment as are the essential items of passport and boarding pass.

Another thing you will notice is that they will wear shoes that do not contain metal. If this is not the case, they will definitely be slip on shoes as lace ups are not only time consuming but can be difficult for some to reach.

These are all visceral things but what of the things you cannot see or sense? For example, a seasoned traveller usually travels for more than a day and so must find somewhere to park their vehicle.

If you are on a budget, airport parking can be a real killer on the wallet. What does a seasoned traveller do with their vehicle? They leave it in the responsible care of Alpha Airport Parking of course.

Airport parking advantage

The advantages of parking off airport are many. Foot traffic at an offsite car park. There is no way a suspicious character would get access to walk around the site without someone being alerted.

The convenience of the airport transfers are also a must. Alpha Airport Parking has you covered and in the air or on the road in no time.

Visit to check out great rates and special extras such as car washing, vacuuming, and detailing your vehicle whilst it is in their care.


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