Interesting Souvenirs to Get Around the World

Travelling is one of those experiences that you just don’t want to end. That’s why people always want to get something from their destination as a memento. A piece of the land they visited so that when they go back to their regular lives, all they have to do is look at it and remember all of the fun they had.

In fact, every country has a souvenir that lets the whole world know what they are best known for; but which ones have the best souvenirs to get and admire in your home? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Today, we list some of the best-known souvenirs around the world. And here are a few of them:

Dracula Cup [Romania]dracula cupsImage source: pinterest

Count Dracula, named after the notorious Vlad the Impaler, is the best-known vampire in popular culture. He is so popular in fact, that a lot of tourists visit Romania to catch a glimpse of his castle and his hometown.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some of these frightening Dracula cups. They go great with your coffee and can even give your friends a good scare.

Golem Statuette [Czech Republic]

golem statuetteImage source:

Golem, in Jewish folklore, is an animated anthropomorphic being. It is said that it was magically created from inanimate matter like clay or mud.

What makes the golem unique is that it can be used in a variety of ways. In narratives, the golem can be anything: a hero, a villain, a man, or a woman. Over the years, it has been used to connote war, community, isolation, hope, and despair.

Today, golem statuettes are one of the most popular souvenirs for people visiting the Czech Republic. It makes a great addition to any collection, and they bring with them a piece of history.

Canned Fog [San Francisco, California]

canned fogImage source:

The City of San Francisco is best known for two things: the Golden Gate Bridge and the fog around the city. With that said, wouldn’t you want to bring that home with you?

You probably thought you can’t, but you actually can with the canned fog souvenir sold to tourists. The front of the can depicts the bridge, and inside is supposedly part of the fog in the city. But as a warning, buyers are discouraged from opening the can as the fog will cease to exist.

Decorated Skulls [Mexico]

decorated skulls

Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead is the Mexican celebration of the deceased. The colourful skulls represent the mystery and energy of the human life, and often taps into the question of what’s beyond.

These skulls are a great piece to have as a souvenir, and they make great conversation starters.

Matryoshka Doll [Russia]

matryoshka dolls

When people say “Russia” the first thing that comes to mind is the Matryoshka Doll. The Matryoshka, or Nesting Dolls, are a set of wooden dolls with decreasing size, and each can be stored inside the other.

Each doll often denotes a theme. Some of the most popular ones depict Russian leaders and Fairy Tales, the themes are up to the artist’s imagination.

Dancing Doll [Hawaii]

hula girlImage source:

Have you ever seen those little Hawaiian dancers often depicted on car dashboards in movies and television? You can get your very own in Hawaii. There’s no better way to remind you of a great holiday in Hawaii quite like a little dancing Hawaiian girl on your car’s dashboard.

Maple Syrup [Canada]

maple syrup

Canada is best known for their Maple Syrup. Share the taste of genuine of Canadian Maple Syrup when you bring home some in a Maple Leaf shaped bottle.

When the syrup has been all used up, you still have the nice bottle to put on your shelf or use for other purposes.

Looking to get these awesome souvenirs yourself? Sure, you can order most of these online, but where’s the fun in that? There’s nothing better than attaching a memory with your souvenir.

So, make your plans to go to these awesome tourist destinations today and park your car with us at Alpha Airport Parking to ensure your vehicle is safe while you’re out exploring these foreign lands.

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