Toll Roads for Dummies

It drives people nuts. They’re expensive, and the dollars really pile up when you want to go on a cross-state road trip. But you know what’s even worse? Dealing with infuriating bumper-to-bumper traffic when you don’t go through them.

Yes, the reality is that, like traffic jams and roadkill, they’re just a part of our lives as humans who travel via car. Yes, I’m talking about toll roads and here are the most common questions about them.

No, you can’t pay with cash

Gone are the days when you can just drive through a toll and pay manually. Nowadays you can only go through one with a tag or a pass.

What’s an E-tag? How different is that from an E-way tag and E-toll tag?

Relax, they all work on all toll roads. They’re just different brand names for the electronic tag you need to go through.

Can I pass through a toll without a tag or pass?

You can pass through tolls even without a tag. You will, however, be issued a pass with matching images of your plate number and car registration number on it. You have to pay this within three days of passing the toll.

toll penalty.gif

What happens If I don’t pay within the three days?

It’s going to cost you a lot more. You incur administration fees of $10 or $20.

What happens if I don’t pay at all?

One word — penalties. You’ll get a notice from the state, most likely the Debt Recovery Office, where the fines can go over $165 for each offense, or you could even get your license suspended. So if you’re even thinking about running away from this: DON’T.

toll motorcycle

Do I still need to pay for toll fees if I drive a motorcycle?

Yes. Whatever vehicle you’re in, you will always have to pay for toll fees.

Would toll fees for motorcycles cost less than toll fees for a car?

No. They would cost the same as they both occupy a similar length of road space.

And there you have it — the most commonly asked questions and their answers about toll roads. For more information on how to use tolls and how to pay tolls in Australia, check out our articles Using Toll Roads When Hiring A Car and All roads may not lead to Rome – but they do lead to tolls! at the Alpha Car Hire blog.

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