Car Cleaning Brisbane

When was the last time you saw your car all shining, shimmering, splendid? Sure you give it your regular TLC, but nothing compares to the kind of sparkle your car gleams when it gets professional cleaning at our Brisbane car wash. At Alpha’s Brisbane City parking site, your car will get the rockstar treatment so it shines its brightest. Whenever you’re on holiday and looking for a car wash near the airport, just leave your car with us and we can give it a safe home while you’re away and clean it ’til it’s all shiny and (practically) new. Of course, as much as we’d want you to, you won’t always need to leave your car with us. To add up to your regular cleaning routine, here are a few tips to make sure your car looks as good as you do when you cruise through the streets:

Car Wash and Detailing Brisbane



Full vacuum
Windows cleaned inside
Dash and console wiped
Freshener spray


Complete outside hard wash
Wheels cleaned
Tyres shined
Charmois dry


Interior and Exterior wash
Full vacuum
Dash and console wipe
Door jambs cleaned


Super Wash
Full high gloss hand polish for paintwork in good condition

Protect Your Own Car

Hose down your car right after a drive

Anything that gets stuck on your car’s exterior panels, wheels, and fenders should be washed off or at least hosed down as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove dirt and grime. So after a long and dusty drive, grab a hose, car soap, and give your car a quick wash.

Invest in a high-quality air compressor

A portable compressor is your best friend when it comes to car maintenance. You can easily use this tool to get rid of dirty bits from your car’s carpet. If you’re armed with a compressor, it’s also easier to fight dirt and grime by spraying the AC duct pipes. Getting rid of particles that can clog up the filter and make the inside of your car smell like mold will be easy-peasy.

Wash off interior stains as soon as you can

Did the kids eat inside your car and leave sticky stains and crumbs all over? Be sure to wash them off quick. Don’t wait for the stains to become a permanent part of your car’s interior. If you’ve got leather seats, make sure to use the right cleaner so you won’t end up with more unsightly marks and faded tones.

Protect your car's paint with the right wax

Over time, exposure to natural elements will take a toll on your car’s paint. Chips, cracks, and water marks can all make your car look older than it actually is. Restore your car’s paint job to its former glory by applying a bit of wax after a wash. The wax will serve as a barrier between your car’s panels and elements that can chip away the paint and make the color quickly fade away.

Long Term Parking on Time Every Time

For early morning and late night flights, book a car parking Brisbane Airport service. We’re open as early as 4 in the morning and close as late as 11 at night. Remember that we have a Brisbane Airport shuttle service during operating hours so you’re sure to make your flight every time!

Our operating hours and specials change during public holidays so be sure to check our locations page for the latest updates. Give at least 30 minutes leeway before your check in time at the airport so we can sort everything out for you and get you to the terminal early.

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If you’re too busy to regularly clean your car, make the most of your time whenever you book an airport parking slot with us. We don’t just offer affordable airport parking. While you’re away, have your car washed by our team of professional detailers. You can choose from a variety of car wash packages, which range from a basic exterior wash to a full wash that includes vacuuming and polishing. For a minimum fee, you can drive back home in a spotless and fresh-smelling ride. Want to know more about our car wash packages and other parking services? Give our friendly agents a call. Or better yet, get a free quote now and see how much money you’ll save with our cheap airport parking deals.