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Customer's Feedback

Every time I leave my car with Alpha, I have always had the best treatment with desk staff and the shuttle bus drivers. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sandy, Apr 2018

Alpha just makes our travelling stress free. Getting to the airport through traffic and knowing our car is safe and sound while we're away is important to us. Alpha is fantastic!

Debra, Apr 2018

You can't improve on perfection!

Steve, Apr 2018

Reserve a Cheap Airport Parking Spot in Melbourne

Our Location
70-90 Garden Drive, Tullamarine, VIC 3043
Phone Number
For booking enquiries call 1300 66 19 38
For pickup call 03 9999 2626
Opening Hours
5:00am to 11:00pm

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Finding a parking space at the airport especially at peak season can be really stressful. Good news is Alpha is here to help you. With our Melbourne Airport parking services, you don't have to worry about crowded lots and budget-busting rates. Our highly secure parking facility has plenty of parking spots with amazingly affordable prices. We're located just a few minutes from Tullamarine, so say goodbye to missed flights. Book with us today and enjoy cheap, fast, secure, and convenient Melbourne/Tullamarine airport parking services!

Get the Cheapest Airport Parking Rates in Melbourne Airport

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Say goodbye to ridiculously expensive parking fees with our Price Beat Guarantee. If you get a cheaper parking rate from another company, let us know about it and we'll beat it - guaranteed! Why waste money on expensive parking rates when you can use it for shopping sprees or a fancy dinner?

Enjoy Perks and Car Detailing Services

Don't think that cheap rates come with cheap service. Here at Alpha, we take pride that every customer is thoroughly satisfied. Experience full valet service and free shuttle transport to and from Tullamarine Airport. While you're away, let our staff take care of your ride. Choose from any of our car detailing packages and have your car looking and smelling like new again by the time you get back from your vacation.

Worry No More with a Secure Parking Spot at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne is a relatively safe place to leave your vehicle parked outside or in the garage when you're out of town. However, it's not just thieves need to worry about when it comes to your property. The weather and small critters can bring your car more harm than you can imagine. Ever had a stray dog use your car as a step ladder to reach something? Scratches everywhere.

This is what makes Alpha Melbourne Airport car park convenient. Your car gets monitored 24/7 is a safe vehicle storage while you're away. No worries about your vehicle being unattended for so long or stray animals or accidents damaging it. So go ahead and enjoy that well-deserved holiday or make that business deal happen. We'll take care of your vehicle while you're away.

Cheapest Car Parking Options at Melbourne Airport

Whatever your budget is, we have the right package for you – all at very affordable rates. Get a quote now or call our customer service hotline now.The right airport parking deal is just a phone call or a few clicks away.

Short and Long Term Parking from Dawn 'til Dusk

short term and long term parking

Traveling abroad for a couple of months but don't have anyone to look after your vehicle? With our long term parking option at Melbourne Airport, we will keep it safe without you breaking the bank. Leave your vehicle in our car storage for however short or long periods for as low as $7 per day. We're open 5AM to 11PM daily (except school and public holidays) so give us a call right now.

Choose Between Open Air and Undercover Parking

open air and undercover

Have less than $10 to spare for parking? No worries. If you book an outdoor parking in our Melbourne depot, you can give your car a home for the holidays for as low as $7 a day. With the right weather conditions, you car will be safe and sound. If you're worried about possible rain or storm, book an indoor parking space instead. It'll cost a tad more than open air, but your vehicle will be safely cocooned away from bird droppings and possible damage from UV rays, hail, and rain.

Car Safety To-Dos Before Your Holiday

  1. Tyres naturally deflate over time so make sure your tyres are pumped to maximum pressure before you leave.
  2. Even if you have the handbrake engaged, it’s a good idea to put a block against one or all of your wheels. Better safe than sorry.
  3. For diesel cars, keep the tanks full while petrol cars need to have their tanks nearly empty. Reason is gasoline is volatile and degrades over a period of time while diesel can be stored for a long time.
  4. Your battery should be fully charged so the chances of you coming back to your car with a discharged battery is imposibble.