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Affordable Car Wash & Detailing at Melbourne Airport

From sleek and sexy to dusty, worn, and (probably) with a funny smell you can't get rid of, your car will wear out through time. No matter how meticulous you are with it, some things just can't be cleaned with simple cleaners and rags. This is why we offer a deeper TLC session for your car when you book a cheap Melbourne Airport car parking with us. Just give us a ring to let us know which of our car detailing or car wash packages you need, and we'll work our magic on it until it's practically new. Of course, you'd want your vehicle to always look good. While you might not have the time to give it deep cleaning all the time, here are a few tips to keeping it looking and smelling fresh when its not with us:


Alpha Interior Wash

car interior cleaning

Alpha interior clean only

Full vacuum

Windows cleaned inside

Dash and console wiped

Air freshener available for $2


Alpha Exterior Wash

exterior wash

Alpha exterior clean only

Complete outside hand wash

Wheels cleaned

Tyres shined

Chamois dry


Super Wash

super wash

Alpha super wash

Includes all aspects of Alpha basic wash

Full vacuum

Dash and console wipe

Door jambs cleaned


Awesome Polish Wash

car wheel polishing

Alpha Awesome Wash + Polish

Includes all aspects of Alpha Super Wash

Full high glass hand polish for paintwork in good condition


Prestige Wash

car wash

Alpha prestige wash

Includes all aspects of Alpha Awesome Wash and Polish

Complete shampoo of seats, mats and carpet or carpet shampoo plus clean and treatment of leather seats for leather interior cars.


Protect You Own Car

car exterior cleaning

Give your car a hose down after a drive

No matter how long or short your car ride is, it's going to get dusty, dirty, grimey, or even slimey. To make sure it doesn't build up looking like it's been in a dark, dirty basement for a few months, give it a quick hose after every drive. Remember that the longer you wait to clean out the thin layers of filth, the harder it'll be to remove as it builds on your panels, wheels, and fenders.

Wipe and wash interior stains immediately

As long as people ride with you in your car, it will get a bit dirty. Interior dirt can be salty powder from crisps on children's fingers or sweaty palms wiped on the cushions, or even make up stains on the seats. As soon as you spot it, clean it out! With the right cleaner you can keep your interior from nasty stains. Just be sure to use the correct leaner for the fabric you have. Accidental bleach marks or fabric burns do not look good on cotton, polyester, or leather seats.

Get an air compressor for tiny particles

Wiping and scrubbing alone is not enough. However hard you swipe, some of those stubborn particles just don't want to go. Arm yourself with an air compressor and you can get rid of the stubborn dirt and mold in your carpets and AC duct pipes no problem. The more often you do this, the less likely it'll build up and make your car smell funny.

Get the right wax for paint protection

Whether it's an animal playing in the garage, years of extreme UV, rain, and hail, or even kids just being kids, car scratches and dents are just inevitable. Chips, scratches, cracks, and stains on your paint job become a norm, and you're left there wondering what to do about it all. The good news is that the minor damages can get a quick update with the right kind of wax. It does make a world of a difference, and it even protects your car from further minor damages and fading.

Parking Your Way at Your Time

Melbourne Airport parking rates can be really expensive because of the convenience it brings you. At Alpha, you get the best of both convenience and cheap rates. Book a space form us for as low as $7 a day and we'll take you to and from the airport for absolutely free. It doesn't matter if you need to be out at 6 in the morning or come back at 10 at night. We're open daily from 4AM to 11PM, giving you the Alpha-awesome Melbourne parking service, free shuttles, car detailing, and more. Call 1300 66 19 38 today!

Check out our locations pages from time to time to make sure you're updated with any changes in our operating hours. Remember, they do change during public and school holidays.

Brisbane Airport Parking: 4am - 11pm

Melbourne Airport Parking: 5am - 11pm

Gold Coast Airport Parking: 5am - 10pm (Sunday to Monday) 5am - 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

Let your car be pampered while you relax and rejuvenate on holiday with professional car wash and detailing from Alpha. Our team of professionals can scrub, wash, vacuum, and polish so you come home to a car so clean, it looks practically new. From a basic exterior wash to full detailing, we'll cater to your budget and needs. Don't settle for basic car parking. Get secure airport parking with car detailing from Alpha Airport Parking Melbourne today!