Remember the time you first bought your car? Remember how it had that glimmer and shine of everything that’s wonderful and new? Look at it now. Maybe not in destitute shape but not nearly as impressive as it once was. With a deep session of TLC from Alpha, your car will be looking practically new when you get back from your holiday. Book Gold Coast Airport parking from us, and let us know which of our car wash or detailing packages you want, and we’ll work our magic on your vehicle while you’re away. While your car isn’t in our care, here are a few tips to keeping it in mint condition.

Car Wash Options



Full vacuum
Windows cleaned inside
Dash and console wiped
Freshener spray


Complete outside hard wash
Wheels cleaned
Tyres shined
Charmois dry


Interior and Exterior wash
Full vacuum
Dash and console wipe
Door jambs cleaned


Super Wash
Full high gloss hand polish for paintwork in good condition

Protect Your Own Car

Give your car a quick wash right after a drive

Long or short, each car ride makes your car accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. Check out your exterior panels, fenders, and wheels. It may seem like too much to wash it every time, but the longer you let the filth build, the harder it’ll be to remove it. If you want your car looking fresh for every ride, make sure you dust, soap, and hose it after every drive.

Get a high-quality air compressor

No matter how meticulous you are with cleaning, small particles tend to stubbornly stay put. Especially in your carpet and AC duct pipes, an air compressor can up your A-game when it comes to ridding your vehicle of the tiny dirty bits that build and clog up.

Clean off any interior stains ASAP

From greasy fingers wiped on the seats to crumbs falling in between creases, your interior tends to get dirty from time to time. The longer you wait to clean your interior out, the more stains it’ll get. Make sure you get the right cleaner for the right interior fabrics. The last thing you want is a faded mark on cotton or white spots on leather.

Wax your car

Even if you give your car all the TLC in the world, its paint will eventually chip, crack, and/or stain. Whether it’s from natural elements or with human intervention, paint jobs can be restored and protected from further damage with the right kind of wax. If the scratches are minor, a bit of wax after a wash will make the world of a difference and will protect your paint job from scratching and fading fast.

Valet Parking at Any time

Parking at Gold Coast Airport can be expensive, but it does save you money and the headache of needing to get to the airport from the car park. With Alpha, you can get to and from the airport with our shuttle service comfortably, conveniently, and absolutely for free. Just book a car storage from us and we’ll get you there anytime airport between 4 in the morning and 11 at night. Just head out to our depot, hand in your keys to our valet parking, and we’ll bring you to the airport quick! We do ask that you get to our depot at least 30 minutes before your check in time so we can get you to the airport early.

Check out our locations pages for any schedule changes as our operating hours do change during school and public holidays.

Brisbane Airport Parking: 4am – 11pm
Melbourne Airport Parking: 5am – 11pm
Gold Coast Airport Parking: 5am – 10pm (Sunday to Monday) 5am – 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

You don’t need to wait until you come home from your trip to get your car sparkling. Kill two birds with one stone and have our team of professionals give your car the pampering it deserves while you’re away. We have a variety of car wash packages to suit your budget and needs, so you don’t need to worry about sky-high prices for our stellar cleaning service. For secure airport parking and a sparkling clean car when you come home, call Alpha Airport Parking today.