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Mother’s Day Traditions Around the World

When you hear mother’s day, the first few things that come to mind are cards, breakfast in bed, and visiting your mum to make her day.

On the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated in most countries all over the world. In almost all countries, the tradition is the same, but there are a few countries who do it a little differently.

A Mother’s Day to Remember

It’s interesting to see how mothers are regarded across the world. We all have different ways of showing our mothers just what they mean to us. To get a glimpse of how Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, here is a quick overview:

Honouring all Kinds of Mothers [Israel]

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Mother’s Day in Israel is different. They often mark it between January 30 and March 1, depending on the year. This year, it was celebrated last February 15th, next year it will be on February 5.

The holiday itself has a rich history in the country, with the very first one celebrated in 1947 and was headed by the Ezra Society, a women’s health organisation which was led by Sarah Herzog.

Since then, it has been developed into something more than just a day for mothers. In fact, today it is celebrated as Family Day rather than Mother’s Day.

The change was made back in the 1990s, and it recognises different families. Israel’s Ministry of Education explains that there are all kinds of families, and each one should be celebrated, whether it’s a family with two mothers, two fathers, or even single-parent households. Everyone’s families should be observed for spreading love and providing loving homes to their children.

Remembering the Past [Peru]

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Peruvians love to shower their mothers with love and affection on Mother’s Day. Companies invite employees to corporate lunches or dinners dedicated to mothers; schools help student conduct programs to honour their mothers and also encourage children to create handmade crafts which they can then present to their mothers during these events.

Other than that, concerts, special deals in stores and restaurants can be found everywhere during this time of year. On the day itself, Peruvians celebrates it with cards, flowers and other gifts for their mothers.

However, for families whose mothers have departed, they make it a point to visit their mums in the cemetery. Here, they lay fresh flowers and bring out prepared meals for the whole family to enjoy. This goes to show that not even death can separate a mother from her family on this special day.

A Ceremony [Thailand]

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What better way to show your mums that you love and appreciate them than with a celebration like no other? In Thailand, they do just that. Every Mother’s Day, students, primarily, elementary school children, partake in a ceremony that shows how much they love and respect their mothers. These ceremonies often take place a day or two before the actual day as it is considered a holiday.

The day itself is celebrated on Queen Sirikit’s birthday on August 12, and it is regarded as a national holiday with schools, government offices, and most private institutions shutting off for the day.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Thailand also ceremonies in the early mornings where citizens offer food to Thailand’s saffron-robed Buddhist monks.

Once the day celebrations have ended, families treat their mothers to a well-deserved meal in restaurants and resorts, where they often offer great deals for Mother’s Day.

With each country’s celebrations, the objective is all the same: show love and appreciation to the women who inspire and mould us into the people we are today.

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