Parking Signs in Australia

Parking signs: they’re confusing, at times infuriating, but they’re there for a reason. I get it, it’s hard to drive on the roads these days. Add in a bazillion road and parking signs that you have to memorize, and dropping off a friend somewhere or stopping for a quick ice cream can be unnerving. I mean, how many minutes can you stay stopped at a “No Parking” zone? When your car is running and you have your hazard lights blinking, you’re not necessarily parked right? It’s all really confusing, but they’re there to make sure that traffic flows freely, and parking turnover is efficient (and fair). So it’s time to study up on some of the most common parking signs we have around. If you’re not familiar with them, you never really know when someone will just fine you with a hefty fee for stopping somewhere you shouldn’t have.

No Stopping

no stoppingThis actually used to be “No Standing” but I suppose it became confusing for some and a few smart alecs decided to park in these places so authorities decided to change it to the more straightforward No Stopping sign. Quite literally, it means no stopping for whatever reason at any time. No, you can’t just drop your mum off in that zone or grab a quick snack in the convenience store there.

No Parking

no parking signMost of these parking signs are pretty straightforward so No Parking literally means NO PARKING. The difference, however, between this and the No Stopping sign is that you can pick up or drop off your mates or even goods without leaving your car. Just make sure you don’t stay for more than a couple of minutes. Just because you have your hazard lights blinking doesn’t mean you can stay for extended periods of time.

Metered Parking

metered parkingIf you don’t want to spend for parking, don’t park on a spot with a parking meter. If a sign says “METER” or “TICKET,” that means it’s paid parking, there’s no getting out of that. Be sure to check out for numbers or time limits on the signs. When your parking time expires, you have to move from the area, and no, you can’t just pay more or purchase more parking tickets to extend your stay. You really do have to move. It’s bothersome at times, but, what can you do?

Disabled Permit Holders Only

display permit parking

Only those with an Australian Disability Parking Permit are allowed to park in Disabled Parking spaces. If you have this, you may be allowed to park for a longer period than is specified on the parking signs and you may even be allowed to park at some paid spaces at no charge. If you don’t have a permit and don’t have a disability, please just DON’T. Don’t be that guy. It’s not nice.

Reserved/Permissive Parking

reserved parking

So there are signs that come with strict protocols if you want to park. sometimes you’re only allowed to park for 5 to 10 minutes between 9AM and 4PM on weekdays, and at a different time during weekends. Sometimes the spaces are reserved for tenants, residents, students, or even customers. Just like contracts and ads, be sure to check the fine prints so you don’t end up paying a fee just because you missed something.


taxi zonebus parking only

You’d often see signs like Truck Zone, Taxi Zone, Mail Zone, Mini Bus Zone, Motor Bike Zone, and Permit Zone. If you’re not issued a special permit from the management of the zone or a local council, and if your car doesn’t fit into the type of vehicle or service that’s specified on the sign, just don’t park there. You really don’t want the hassle of having your car towed away because of something as simple as not following signs.


clearwayIf there’s a clearway coming up and you own a private vehicle just move on to the next possible stop. Remember that clearways are only for pick up, stop, and drop off of public transportation. If you’re not driving a public bus, minibus, or taxi — move along. I know, it can be troublesome at times, but believe me when I say that “shorter walk” or “super quick drop off” isn’t worth the hassle.

Park in Bays Only

park in bays

In signs like these, there are markers for up to where your car should be parked. Unless you’re driving a car that’s too wide or long, you have no excuse for parking outside of those markers or bays. Again, your vehicle should only be parked within the marked lines or parking bay.

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