Ease Back Into the Real World

When you have been away on a great holiday, sometimes it’s hard to snap back to reality.

Alpha Airport Parking in Brisbane, has a team of professional detailers that can care for your car while you’re away.

Getting that new car feeling back

The best value wash we offer is the Prestige Wash. It includes all the bells and whistles and at the moment it is over 50% cheaper than anywhere you could possibly find. This really is a deal you don’t want to miss!

A detailed difference

Your vehicle is carefully washed and dried with premium car care products before the interior is given a detailed clean. All your upholstery is cleaned including the seats, floor and even your door trim is given a shampoo.

If you have leather seats, we have just the stuff for it. Our leather treatment is not only going to clean the surface, but it leaves it with a moisturised feel.

The specially formulated deodoriser is a fantastic product that eliminates odours and germs. Our staff use a non-cutting hand polish with a showroom shine to really bring out the gloss on your car.

You will see and feel the difference between a car wash and a car detailed once you have your car parked at Alpha in Brisbane.

Right package for you

Alpha Airport Parking offers a variety of specials and packages. Ask about the specials on the day you will leave your car. You are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly

Because when you fly back to collect your vehicle, the difference between a detailed car and a dirty car, could make reality a little easier to handle.