Why Money is Best Spent on Travelling

If there’s one thing many people are guilty of, (me included) it’s spending money on things to feel happy or feel good, even if they don’t need it.

Have you gone over your Facebook and Instagram posts and wondered why you have posted so many material things, like that futuristic gadget or fancy handbag, but you don’t see a lot of photos where you’ve visited new places.

Some folks may argue that material possessions are an investment, but are they really? Well-travelled people might say otherwise.

They may argue that a selfie with a beautiful mountain range as your backdrop might be more memorable than your typical snapshot at a club, holding a glass of martini.

While it’s understandable to lust over things or be overwhelmed by a strong feeling to go on a shopping spree or a night out with your mates, maybe travelling with them and being able to experience those places together can offer you something much more.

Friends sitting on jeep near mountain lake

Here’s why your money is well spent on travelling.

The problem with short-term purchases is, they may make you feel happy, but only for a while. That new iPhone might be exciting at first, but another one comes out the following year, making it less impressive.

While experiences are fleeting, they become a part of who you are. The beautiful things you’ve seen, the exciting things you’ve done will always stay with you, especially when you experience them with your loved ones.

When you travel more, you’ll have plenty of stories to share with friends and family. You’ll have an endless supply of memories to share when you get together at parties and such.

Father playing with son on beach

You’ll broaden your horizons when you travel. When you visit other countries, you get to learn new cultures and traditions. You’ll see sights you’ve never seen before and taste food beyond what is available to you.

The more you travel, the more you become independent. Once you learn how to get around places on your own, survive in a foreign land, you can handle things that you may not have previously if you just stay within your comfort zone.

woman taking photo of her friend

When you travel with your friends, you strengthen your bond. There’s nothing like a good road trip to bring you and your mates closer. The experiences you share on an adventure will make your friendships last much longer.

If you’re the creative type, you have more things to share in your writing or your creative juices start flowing better when you are exposed to art, music or scenery that is entirely new to you.

Travelling can put your life into perspective. When you have seen people in other countries who are going through a lot more challenges than you are, you will become more grateful and more appreciative of what you have.

You might regret it if you don’t travel. Life is short. It is much better to visit those places you’ve always wanted while you’re still young and able than when you’re too old, and it’s already too late.

Woman and children looking at plants

It’s better to accumulate a wealth of experiences and memories than spending your time and money on things that will only give you momentary pleasure.

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