Yule Cat

Christmas Customs From Around the World

All over the world, people are celebrating Christmas. Now, each country has a culture all its own. And with that said, you can expect that every household celebrates this holiday differently from yours. They may also have different beliefs, which are interesting in their right. Read to find out more.

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Stunning Places Most People Don’t Know About

There are plenty of tourist locations in the country. You’ve probably heard of more amazing places for your bucket list. Places like Times Square in New York City or St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, among others.

In case you’re interested in going off the beaten path, we’re going to do you a favour and show you these wonderful places that most travellers don’t know about.

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isolated cities

Most Isolated Cities Around the World

Isolation is horrible. Imagine having to deal with everything on your own without having anyone else around to help you.

Now, picture yourself living in a city where you have all of your needs, but the next town over is more than a 1000km away. That is the life of residents in the towns described below.

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Vacation Destinations for Sports Fans

Do you remember the first time you watched your favourite sport? Or the first time you realised who your favourite player was? Athletes have always been an inspiration on and off the field, and the best ones are remembered in their respective sport as a Hall of Famer, or when their team decides to retire their jersey.

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tourist with map

How to Blend in as a Tourist

Wearing a “I heart (name of place)” t-shirt. Sporting a sunburn. Wait, is that a fanny pack around your waist? Yeah, you look like a tourist, mate. When you’re travelling overseas, it’s a good idea to be incognito.

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