Vacation Destinations for Sports Fans

Do you remember the first time you watched your favourite sport? Or the first time you realised who your favourite player was? Athletes have always been an inspiration on and off the field, and the best ones are remembered in their respective sport as a Hall of Famer, or when their team decides to retire their jersey.

Vacation for the sports fan

Sports fans, especially those supporting a team from another city or country, can only rely on television and the internet to give their support during games. But have you ever stopped to ask where did my favourite sport originate? Who are the best of the best? Sure, you can look it up online and see, but have you ever considered visiting?

A once in a lifetime opportunity where you can set foot in the places where your favourite players had stood and prepared themselves before games, venues where historical sporting moments occurred; these are the places any sports fan would dream of visiting, and here are just a few places to do so:

Madison Square Garden, NY

Madison Square Garden

Whether you’re a big sports fan or not, Madison Square Garden is a household name when it comes to sports. The Garden, as it is fondly called, is best known as the oldest arena in the NHL as the home of the New York Rangers, and the second oldest court in the NBA as the home of the New York Knicks. It is also the home of the New York Liberty in the WNBA. Aside from sports, it is also used as a popular venue for big concerts, ice shows and other similar events.

St. Andrew’s Link, Scotland

St. Andrews Links

Tiger Woods made Golf famous around the world. But if you want to see where it all started, a visit to St. Andrew’s Link in Scotland is appropriate. St. Andrew’s Links is also known as the ‘Home of Golf’ as people have been playing golf here since the 15th century. Imagine teeing off in the same place as the original players did several hundred years ago.

Toronto, Canada

Hockey Hall of Fame

Toronto is the only city in Canada that has a variety of sports teams including the Blue Jays for baseball, the Maple Leafs for hockey, and the Raptors for basketball. They also have a soccer and rugby team. Choose to watch a baseball game in the summer, a basketball game in the fall, or a hockey game in the winter. What’s more, Toronto is also home to the Hockey Hall of Fame where hockey’s most celebrated players are enshrined along with team memorabilia.

Cooperstown, NY


Cooperstown is a small town about four hours away from New York City. It is said that this was the place where baseball was born.

It is also home to the baseball hall of fame.Aside from the museum, you can also check out Doubleday Field.

Sports often have a lot of history. These places are perfect for sports fans who want to learn more about their favourite team and sport.

Make your next vacation, a sports destination. It’s a great way to learn something new all while spending some time with your family. Book a flight and a hotel, drive to the airport and visit these beautiful places today.