Common Traveller Pet Peeves

Travelling is a lot of fun. You get to go to places you’ve only ever read about, as well as experience things you otherwise would never have. A lot of times, people who take time to travel have great overall experiences. But of course, it also has its own share of downsides.

Traveller Pet Peeves

Whether you’re on your daily commute or at home with your significant other, there is always something that will grind your gears.

In fact, there are quite a few pet peeves exclusive to travellers. Do you have any of these common traveller pet peeves?

The Seat Recliners

the seat recliner
image source: huffington post

Picture this: you’re in your seat, maybe enjoying the view, thinking about your hotel room when you get to your destination, and all of a sudden, the passenger from hell decides to recline his seat back and make your already cramped space more cramped.

Don’t be that passenger, and always be mindful when you recline your seats. It takes a few seconds and doesn’t inconvenience anyone.

Overhead bin hogger

overhead bin hoggers

More and more airlines are charging their flyers for their baggage. To save on costs, passengers began bringing all of their stuff in their carry-on luggage. However, some go a little overboard and use up more space in their overhead bin.

This prevents other passengers from using it for their own things, which can be very frustrating. Do try to leave some space for the other passengers. It’s important to remember that you’re not the only passenger on board.

The Line Cutter

the line cutter

Most likely everyone’s pet peeve, line cutters are the ones who try to be sneaky and get ahead of those who have been waiting in line to get on board the plane, bus or train.

They usually just walk up to a random place in line, don’t look at anyone and try to casually blend in like they’ve always been there.

These folks deserve to be called out for their actions. After all, you had to wait for your turn, so it’s only fair that they did the same.

The Complainers


You managed to escape the Recliners, hoggers and the cutters and you’re finally on your island paradise vacation. It’s a foreign land with very little in common from your hometown.

That’s when you hear it: the unmistakable sound of someone complaining to the workers about how he should be treated and how the accommodations do not meet his expectations.

Expensive Meals

expensive meals

Meals on flights are pricey. A cup of coffee might as well be gold. It doesn’t help that more and more airlines are charging high prices for meals you can, otherwise, get cheap. In fact, airport food is also expensive.

To help you save money which you can use for other things at your destination, you can bring your own food to the airline.

But of course, to prevent airport security from taking your lunch like a school bully, be mindful of the types of food you are allowed to bring onto your flight.

Additionally, avoid food with a strong smell. As other flyers might not be keen to smell your packed lunch.

The moral of travelling is that no one likes an inconsiderate traveller. So, don’t be that guy and be more considerate of others on a flight or train ride.

When you mind your manners and take care to think of the other hundred people with you on board a vehicle or plane, you’ll find that travelling is much more enjoyable and you’ll see a decline in the number of people who look at you with annoyance.