Get Comfortable On Your Next Long Haul Flight

A long haul flight can be a slow and tiresome way to start an overseas holiday or business trip. And with Australia being located so far away from most major continents, travelling anywhere is almost guaranteed to be a mammoth effort.

Fortunately, Alpha has put together a list of guidelines that will help you through your next long haul flight.

See if you can reserve seats

If you would prefer to sit in the aisle seat, then check with your airline ahead of time and see if they offer seat reservations. Try to avoid sitting near the bathroom, as passengers will be walking past there frequently. Exit row seats tend to have better legroom, but do not choose this option if you have a baby or small child travelling with you.

Upgrade Your Seat

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a small fortune on a ticket upgrade. Check your frequent flyer points and see if you have accumulated enough to offset the cost of a better ticket.

Don’t bring too much carry on luggage

Although rising checked in baggage fees may tempt some travellers to bring more carry on luggage with them, try to pack lightly for your flight. Remember that you will have to carry this stuff around with you for a number of hours. Just bring the essentials.

Come prepared for comfort

Make sure to pack a neck pillow and eye mask, as well as ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones. These survival tools are small but can make a huge impact on your comfort during a long haul flight.

Get a good nights sleep before boarding

Long flights are not a great time to catch up on lost sleep. Get to bed at a reasonable hour the night before your flight.

Bring lots of entertainment

Or check ahead to see what your airline offers in terms on in-flight entertainment. If their options are limited or you would prefer to bring your own then make sure to pack your music player, game consoles, smart phone, tablet or books. Check that they are all fully charged the night before you leave to make sure that you don’t get caught out and left with nothing to do or watch on a 12-hour flight.

Get up and moving

Try to get up and walk around at least a couple of times to get the blood flowing. Do small stretches to increase circulation in the body and reduce any lethargy.

Drink plenty of water

Consider buying a large bottle after you pass security, as flight attendants may not deliver water as frequently as you would like.

Take steps to combat the dry air

Make sure to bring eye drops (which can now pass security), saline nasal spray or gel and lip balm. Some people find the dry air in the airplane more irritable than others. If you find that it makes you feel uncomfortable, come prepared.

Flying can be a stressful and straining venture. But with some forward thinking and a bit of organisation, you may find that your next long-haul flight doesn’t seem so bad.


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