How technology has changed our holiday experience

Holidays are a great way to remind us that going to work is not the only thing that matters. These trips will help us feel refreshed and ready for more life challenges. But have you ever noticed how much technology has changed over the years?

Travelling with technology

It’s so easy to make plans and book everything you need to set up a dream holiday. Back in the day, making phone calls to your loved ones back home was harder. These days, all you need is a stable internet connection, and you can see them right on your screen.

Have you ever wondered for yourself how much has changed in making holiday plans since your parents’ time? That’s what we’re here to find out. Today, we will note some notable differences on holiday today as opposed to the old days:

Choosing destinations

When you’re looking for a place to go for your holiday, all you need to do is Google something like “best holiday destinations this year”, and within seconds, you’ll have websites lined up suggesting excellent places to go that you will surely enjoy.

After choosing, you then read up about how these awesome bloggers were able to stay there for a budget of under $10 or something ridiculous.

Back in the day, they didn’t have vloggers and bloggers telling them about great holiday spots. They had to go through brochures, listen to the TV or radio,  or hear about your friend’s holiday.

People usually went where others did, and journalists were the bloggers of the time where they published their experiences in magazines. So, you had to do a lot of reading before you could decide on a destination.

Making reservations

Credit cards and the internet are a deadly combination; it can kill your savings faster than you can say credit, well depending on how hardcore of a shopper you are. You can also use these two to make the necessary reservations and to buy your plane tickets. Just go to the airline, hotel, car rental, and airport parking websites, click a few items, enter your credit information as needed, and you’re all set. It’s that easy.

If you needed to make a reservation back then, let’s hope you have an updated phone book so you can call the hotels yourself and make the reservations. Of course, there is also the option of going to a travel agency so they can help make the arrangements for you.

You can still do that today, but it’s a lot easier to do it all yourself from your computer at home. Plus it’s a great way to hone your skills if you’re terrible when it comes to social interactions.

Waiting in transit

Do you still remember how you survived long car rides and flights without the internet or your phone? People used to do all sorts of things while they’re in transit to pass the time.

Some people still bring their books to planes so they can read, but most people carry their power banks and their phones

Aside from phones, kindle and handheld consoles are other pieces of technology that are quite popular with travellers.

Learning the language

Do you remember the need to carry a small phrase book with you as you explored the towns? Now, there’s an app for just about everything, including learning a new language.

Gone are the days of trying to mime what you’re looking for to locals, all you need to do is whip out your phone, use Google translate or another similar app and let it help you communicate.

This is an advancement in technology that is very much welcome, but of course, nothing beats learning a new language before leaving for said country.

Capturing memories

Unless you’re a hardcore photographer who wants to catch everything with your expensive camera (that also happens to be quite bulky), smartphones are the way to go. There is no longer a need to pack extra film and wait countless days for it to finish developing; you can now check it out as soon as you capture the moment. It’s amazing!

Staying in touch

Everything is an instant message away. Sending a postcard from a holiday is lovely. But if your family and friends to know you’re safe, a quick word on any of the many messaging apps is just a click away.

Video calls and online services like Skype also make it a lot easier to keep in touch with your family and still get to see how everything is back home. Communication has

Holiday planning and enjoyment have come a long way. That is why more people can now go on holidays with their loved ones without much trouble. So, when you go on your next holiday, take the time to appreciate how much easier it was for you to fly out to your destination compared to how they used to do it back in the old days.

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