Money Saving Tips for Holmfirth Art Week 2017

The United Kingdom is known for its festivals. Whether it’s an art, music, or food festival, you can be sure that it’s going to be fun and festive. Every year, West Yorkshire hosts one of the biggest festivals in the world: the Holmfirth Art Week. The said festival is a combination of music, art, comedy, theatre, and literature. It is UK’s largest open art exhibition, and over four hundred artists join the festival every year. The exhibition will run from July 3 – 9, and will feature both amateur and professional artists.

Every July, photographers, painters, ceramists, sculptors, textile-makers and singers showcase their amazing talents at the Holmfirth festival. The venue is a sight to behold, as the hills overlooking the town is so breathtaking and peaceful, you would want to stay there forever. The place is also surrounded by quaint English tea shops, an intimate music venue, and creative souls looking to enhance their knowledge about art. The venue is just 45 minutes from Manchester, 30 minutes from Leeds, and 3 hours from London.

The UK can be a bit expensive to visit. If you’re coming from a different country, make sure to read these money saving tips from Alpha Airport Parking Brisbane:

Purchase the “Taste of UK” card

If you frequently travel to the United Kingdom, then you should definitely get the Taste of UK card. This card offers up to 50% off, and also gives 2 for 1 deals at some UK restaurants. What’s great about this is that the first month’s membership fee is waived, so most travellers can benefit from it.

Try eating at pubs

It’s great to splurge and dine out every once in a while if you’re on tour, but for simple meals, it’s better to eat at the local pubs. Most of the local pubs in the UK serve food, and you can get pretty decent meals for less than 10 GBP!

Eat out during lunch, and then cook your own dinner

It would even be better if you could cook your lunch, too. Some, if not most restaurants offer great deals where you can get multi-course meals for a fraction of the cost. You can even get 2 pizzas for less than 10 GBP, you just have to know where to look. For dinner, you can try cooking at your accommodation.

Book your transportation ahead of time

Book your flight and even your bus commutes way before your trip. This way, you can get early bird discounts. Also, planning way ahead of time can save you from impulsive decisions. The Megabus runs both trains and buses and is a great option for cheap commute and travel. Also, if you’re coming from a different country, you might want to leave your car at the airport parking, rather than taking a cab. This will save you a lot of hassle and money! Check this one from Brisbane – they might have one near your area as well!

Look into Garden Camping

This is a very popular concept in England – you pitch a tent in someone’s backyard, then you stay there for your entire trip. They either give the slot to you for free or for a minimal fee (usually around 3 GBP).

Good luck with your future travels, and may you enjoy every single one of it!


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