Where to Store Your Vehicle While You’re Away

If you’re planning to travel domestically or overseas for any period of time, one of the things you need to think about is your car parking options. You may think that storing your car is a simple decision, just park it somewhere, lock the doors, and jump on your flight. But that’s not exactly how it works.

If you want your car to be kept in an excellent condition, the place where you park it is key, especially if you  leave it for a couple of weeks or even months. To protect your investment, you need to consider all of your car parking options.

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Where should you park your car?

When it comes to parking your car, you have several options. The best choice is determined on where you live in relation to the airport, who you’ll leave it with, or how long you’ll be away. Some of your choices could be:

Keep it in your garage.

In an ideal world, the best place to park your car is in your own garage at home. It will be safe and protected from the elements, but you’ll have to ask someone to drive you to the airport, like a friend or a relative.

You could take a taxi to the airport. But that can be expensive, especially if you live far away from the airport. You will have to also consider the cost of a ride home for when you return.

Ask your family or friends.

In the case your garage is full, or you don’t have a garage, you can ask a friend or a family member to store your car while you’re away on your holiday. However, you will have to work around their personal schedules, and they won’t always be home to keep an eye on your car.

Unfortunately, if you do this there is no guarantee that your car will be safe. The last thing you want is someone damaging or breaking into your car when you’re on holiday.

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Preferred! Reserve an airport parking space.

The best solution would be ton book a car parking space at the airport you’re travelling from. Be sure to book early though to save time and money! If you just turn up at the airport the cost for a parking spot can be pricey, especially during the peak travel season as the demand grows, so get ahead of the demand and look at all of your parking options at the airport. .

If you want to find a cost-efficient option, your best choice is to look for a company that provides offsite airport parking. Most of these companies offer a regular and free shuttle service, so you won’t have any issue getting to the airport on time with your belongings.

With Alpha Airport Parking, you also have the option to book an outdoor parking space for shorter trips or indoor parking for longer trips. One of the benefits is you can rest easy knowing that your car will be safe from the weather and safe from being broken into as all Alpha Car Parks are under 24-hour surveillance.

When you return, you will have your car waiting, meaning there is no need to stress about how you’re getting home, you won’t need to worry about anyone taking you home or spending more money on taxi fares.

Book with Alpha today to guarantee your space.

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