What to Wear on Your Next Flight

Gone are the days when people dress up for a flight. Don’t be surprised if the passenger beside you is in his pyjamas.

You don’t need to be all formal when choosing an outfit for air travel. After all, going through an 18-hour flight while wearing tight stockings or shoes is never a good idea.

To help you figure out what to wear on your next flight, here are some tips for a comfortable trip without looking like an overgrown college student.

Slip on some slip-on shoes

slip onImage by Toms

Just imagine this: you’re almost at the front of the queue, but your boots are still laced halfway through. Dirty looks from passengers behind you and from the security guy are sure to induce panic and anxiety. To avoid this situation, wear a pair of slip-on loafers or canvas shoes. Now you might be tempted to wear a thong, but don’t.

Even if your destination is the beach, wearing a pair of thongs is not the best idea. Aside from those unsightly ingrown or dirty toe nails, your feet will easily get cold while at the airport and inside the plane.

Also avoid those high heels. Sitting down for a long time while wearing sky-high heels is a no-no unless you want to spend the last hours of your flight with cramped legs.

Say no to excessively baggy clothes

baggyImage by www.nydailynews.com

Loose clothes are perfect for a long flight. If your outfit is too baggy, however, airport security personnel can see you as a walking red flag. Excessively loose shirts and pants can be the perfect disguise to hide illegal items or substances.

So if you don’t want to catch the security people’s attention the wrong way, wear something that won’t constrict your movement but won’t make you look like you’re hiding something inside those jeans.

Wear darker-coloured outfits instead of plain white or pastels

darker-coloured outfits

Another tip is to wear dark-coloured outfits instead of plain white shirts or pants. By wearing something with a darker hue, you can easily cover up stains from a spilled drink or meal.

This is especially helpful if sudden turbulence interrupts you from drinking red wine to help you relax before take-off.

Leave that attitude-filled shirt at home

attitude-filled shirtImage by Google

With all the recent security scares happening in airports around the world, new terrorism laws have been established. These include banning people from boarding a plane if they’re wearing shirts with offensive logos or slogans. That black shirt that says “I love guns” may be your favourite shirt, but it’s best to leave it at home and choose another top.

Some of the new airport security laws might sound ridiculous, but the hassle you’ll experience if you get caught wearing an offensive shirt is not worth it. So to make your trip memorable in a good way, wear something that won’t get the attention of airport security.

Complete your look with a wrap or shawl

shawlImage by Pinterest

The AC inside airports and airplanes can get really cold, so it’s best to wear something to cover you up in case you feel a bit chilly.

Unless it’s very cold at where you’re going or coming from, grab a shawl or scarf instead of an extra jacket. Remember, removing a scarf as you go through airport security is much easier than zipping down a bulky jacket.

A wrap or shawl can also double as an airplane blanket, keeping you warm and cosy throughout the entire flight. Since a jacket is usually heavier than a scarf, packing a shawl is a good idea.

Dressing up for your next flight might seem silly or unimportant. But wearing the right clothes can spell the difference between a comfortable journey and a ride through hell.

So if you want to get through airport security fast and quick, wear something that’s not too tight or too loose and doesn’t have any offensive designs. Grab a scarf that you can also use as a blanket, and you should be good to go.


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