Tips to Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling

Losing cash or a credit card while on a trip is probably every traveller’s nightmare. Imagine, you’re on your way to a restaurant when you reach inside your pocket and realise your wallet is gone.

Your cash, credit card, and traveller’s cheques are all gone in an instant. You can call a friend for help, but what if you’re in another country and you hardly know anyone else?

Contacting someone back home to wire you some money is another option, but it’s best to have a plan B. To avoid worst-case scenarios, here are some tips to help keep your money safe while travelling.

Think outside the box when stashing your money

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In some places, cash is always king, so you have no choice but to bring wads of cash with you. But instead of putting them all inside your wallet, put some inside your bag’s hidden pocket. If your hotel offers a safe, you can stash some of your cash there so you won’t have to bring all your money every time you go out. Try putting them inside a money belt.

If you’re travelling with someone, put some cash inside small resealable plastic bags and distribute them among yourselves. Hide some in your jeans’ pocket, your bag, and other places you could think of. This way, you’ll still have some left if a thief gets a hold of your bag.

Stick to reliable and established money changers

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Avoid changing money at night, and stick to a money changer that’s located in a well-lit area. A bank or an official exchange bureau is your better option when buying foreign currency.

Before you leave for your trip, you can always buy foreign currency at your local bank. Or, do some research on foreign currency traders in your destination. If you have a friend abroad, you can also ask to buy foreign currency from him or her. This way, you know you’re dealing with someone you can trust.

Another idea is to ask your friend to accompany you to a reliable foreign currency trader. With a trusted local at your side, you’re less likely to get ripped off.

Bring a credit card or ATM card

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Aside from cash, your ATM or credit card is your best buddy when travelling. With a credit card, you don’t have to use cash to pay for your purchases. But, just like any other valuable, you have to keep your cards safe. Placing them inside hidden pockets is always a good idea.

Scanning them on both sides and sending the PDF or jpeg file to your email is an effective way of making sure you always have a copy of important card numbers. Don’t forget to store bank hotline or emergency numbers on your mobile phone.

Don’t ignore traveller’s cheques

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Traveller’s cheques may not be as popular as they once were, but they can still come in handy as backup for your cash and credit cards. They’re still widely accepted in many banks and establishments, and they can be easily replaced when stolen or lost.

Just make sure you have your issuer’s number stored on your phone in case you need replacement cheques fast. Keep your cheque receipt with you at all times, since this is your proof that you did purchase traveller’s cheques. Make a copy of this receipt and send it to your email so you can print one out wherever you are.

To make sure your next trip is a hassle- and panic-free experience, keep your money, cards, and cheques safe by stashing them in different pockets and not just in one bulky wallet or bag.

To prepare yourself for worst-case scenarios, keep copies of your financial documents in your email so you can easily access them.

Your bank’s number and other emergency numbers should be stored on your mobile before you leave so it’s easier for you to call for help in case your money was lost or stolen. For other travel tips, check out the blog. For undercover airport parking, call us today!