Bumped from your flight? Here’s what you need to do

Sometimes, airlines get overbooked. The only thing management can do about it is to bump someone off the flight. Now, it isn’t technically illegal for them to do this. However, it can be very embarrassing for the passenger.

Bumped off a flight

The concern of airlines is to make sure their planes are full before they leave the airport. That’s because if more seats are filled, then there’s more money lining their pockets.

The downside is that management focuses so much on making sure that their seats are sold, that they forget to check and see if the seat has already been booked.

Often, this can result in overbooking, and people need to be removed from the flight. Now, what do you do when you’re the one they’re asking to get off your plane?

Keep Cool

stay cool

The first thing you need to do is to stay calm. Yes, it is annoying and is a great inconvenience when someone tells you that you are not to get on the plane.

These days, when you lose your cool in public, someone can capture the moment and you can go viral.

So, keep your cool, and talk to the people in charge as to why they are doing this to you. More often than not, you’re going to be happy you stayed calm in a stressful situation.

Ask for compensation

ask for compensation

There are a variety of reasons for airlines to bump you off your flight. Overbooking is the most common reason. Say, for example, you are part of an overbooked trip, it’s best to comply and get off the plane without creating a scene.

Once off the plane, talk to the management and demand full compensation. That can include a full refund, or have them rebook you to another flight to the same destination within the same hour of your original arrival.

Legally speaking, if they manage to achieve that feat, they are no longer liable to pay any additional damage.


ask for vouchers

If you do comply and offered compensation, ask the airline about vouchers. These vouchers can be for hotel accommodations, restaurants or any other service the airline may offer.

If they do agree to provide you with vouchers, remember to read the terms and conditions carefully. After all, it won’t be much use if the vouchers they gave you are only available for certain days of the year, or will expire within a week.

File a Complaint

file a complaint

If you feel like management handled the situation poorly, and they did not provide you with full compensation for the inconveniences, then file a complaint.

The key to this is knowing what your rights are, which can come in handy if you ever keep them with you on your phone for situations like this one.The airline itself must be courteous and provide services that will compensate their passenger. After all, you DID book a flight with them, and you DID arrive on time, they have no reason to be rude about it.

You know what they say, prevention is better than cure. And one way to prevent these events from happening to you is coming to the airport and booking in as early as you can.

This gives the airline less of a reason to take you off the plane, and instead to cater to your needs as you have shown to them that you are a fine, upstanding citizen who follows the rules.

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