Parking Price Gouge at Melbourne Airport

A regular commuter from the Melbourne Airport could not have missed the headlines in the Melbourne Age in July this year regarding the 30% increase in car parking fees at the airport.

Gerard Brody, CEO of the Consumer Action Law Centre believes greater government regulation is required. During an interview with radio station 3AW, he also made comment regarding the possibility of price gouging.

A brief look at the Melbourne airport website shows that it now costs $39 for the first 24 hour stay of your vehicle.

The Airport courtesy bus offered to travellers takes the scenic route with passengers sometimes waiting up to 20 minutes or more for it to arrive back at the terminal.

Don’t Despair there is a Great Alternative

The proficient, amiable crew at Alpha Airport Parking take the stress out of getting to the airport on time, parking your vehicle and then getting to the terminal before your flight takes off.

Not only will you get secure airport parking in Melbourne at a fraction of the cost – saving up to $20 per day – but you will also be transported right to the terminal door in the blink of an eye, using their valet service.

It gets even better when you return, as your flight will be met by the friendly, professional Alpha Airport Parking staff who will return you directly to your car! This valet service is free.

With this kind of service it is hard to go past the other great offers and discounts also available with this company.

So What Else Can you expect from Alpha?

The great discounts and offers vary from month to month so it is a good idea to check the website at Currently, you could get a massive $30 discount when you hire a car to use at your destination.


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