Busting the Myth About Turbulence

If you are someone who is quite nervous about flying, then this article is for you. Turbulence is often the thing that sets passengers teeth on edge when it occurs. Even for the most seasoned flyer, turbulence can have you clinging to the edge of your seat.

To help you stay calm during turbulence, here are a few tips:

Hold on to your drinks

Pilots consider turbulence a (normal) inconvenience to all on board, not a concern for safety at all. When the plane experiences turbulence and the lights come on to fasten seatbelts this does not mean it is time to kiss the world goodbye.

The advice you receive from hostesses and pilots to buckle up is in the interests of your comfort as well as your safety, which we remind you, is at minimal risk. If you are walking about at such a time there is the chance you may stumble and fall into a seat or another passenger. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to sit down and belt up.

The other risk you run is wearing your juice, tea or coffee on your clothes. Not a huge catastrophe but one that is unwelcome all the same. Ensure your drinks are placed in any holders provided and don’t choose this time to practice balancing hot coffee in your lap.

Safety measures always taken

On the off chance that there might be quite a strong amount of turbulence, the plane will be checked thoroughly post flight. However, rest assured that stringent safe practices are met when it comes to aeroplanes. No passenger or pilot has experienced force enough from turbulence to cause real damage to the plane.

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