Hotel and Travel Safety Tips

One of the biggest concerns of tourists when travelling is their safety. Whilst you can’t always tell what’s going to happen, it’s best to be vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect yourself.

Secure Your Car

If you’re flying to another destination and no one is left at home, it’s better to leave your car at a secure parking facility. If you’re searching cheap car parking Airport, Alpha Airport Parking would be a great option. Alpha Airport Parking has a secure car park that is near the airport, but costs are less than the standard parking rates. You can even book online.

Don’t Tell Strangers Where You’re Staying

The best way to be safe is to keep information to yourself. Especially when you are on your own, don’t talk about where you’re staying, publicly.

Keep Your Hotel Door Locked All the Times

Whether you’re inside or outside, never leave your hotel door open or unlocked. For added safety, lock the deadbolt when you’re inside the room, and never open the door immediately when someone knocks. Your door will most likely have a peephole, so it’s worth looking through it before attempting to open the door. If you have not requested any service and a hotel attendant knocks, you can verify with the hotel by making a phone call.

Use the Safety Vault for Your Valuables

If a safety vault is available in the room, use this for your jewellery, cash, credit card and other valuables. Make sure that you have it closed and locked. Don’t leave your items scattered around the hotel as this is not only an easy target, but you can have the tendency to misplace and forget them. If there is no safety vault in the room, the hotel desk will have one, so you can have your valuables kept there.

Pay Attention to the Windows and Doors

As soon as you get inside the room and before you leave, inspect all the doors and windows.

Make sure to lock your doors as you leave. Upon your return, check

Make sure that everything is locked when no one is inside the room. When you return, check that everything is in order, and if you have left some valuables (even inside the safety vault), see that they’re still in place.

Leave Notes of Your Whereabouts

You may not want to tell anyone else of your whereabouts, and that is very wise. But for safety purposes and for cases of emergency, you can leave notes of your itinerary inside the hotel room.