Organise Your Credit Cards Before Travelling Overseas

Travelling overseas is a very exciting experience but one that first-time travellers should approach with a reasonable degree of caution. There are all kinds of differences between our laws and culture, and those of most other overseas countries. In some places it is easy to fall victim to theft, particularly of passports, money and credit cards. Western travellers are targets because they are perceived to be wealthy by local standards.

A little bit of organisation with their bank prior to departure is all that is required to protect their credit cards. First, make sure that the contact details the bank has are up to date. Often people have had their accounts for so long that they forget they may have changed some important details.

Tell your Bank you are Going Overseas

Next, they should let the bank know they are going overseas. The bank will then be expecting overseas transactions. This avoids the problem of the account being suspended and the travellers being left without funds in a foreign country. The bank will also monitor the transactions and look out for any unusual activity.

In Australia signatures are being phased out but are still accepted. However, in some places overseas they have already gone so travellers should make sure they have a PIN set up and know their PIN. If they don’t already have internet, phone and mobile banking set up, this should be done before leaving so they can access their funds on the go.

Check Credit Card Expiry Dates

Many travellers forget to check the expiry date of credit cards before they leave. This can cause all sorts of problems, so they should contact their bank and ask for a replacement. Anyone intending to be away for more than a couple of weeks should also set up automatic monthly credit card payments so these are paid while they are away.

Take Several Different Types of Currency

Banks also recommend that travellers lock in exchange rates before they leave so they can budget for their spending while they are away. They should also take several different types of funds with them to cover any eventuality. The most popular are travel money cards, debit cards, American Express travellers’ cheques and foreign currency.

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With a few simple pre-travel preparations, everyone should enjoy their trip without any hassles.