Your Ultimate Backpacking Guide

You love travelling spontaneously, but you’re not exactly sure how to do it right. What should you bring? How should you prepare? What does it mean to be a backpacker? Whether you are a first timer in the backpacking scene or you are doing it for years now, you can always rely on this list. Here, we have compiled the things that you need, what you should bring, and what you should do when you’re planning on backpacking.

So, what is backpacking, exactly? It is a type of travel, wherein you are choosing to do such within a low-cost budget. It includes literally carrying a backpack for convenience purposes, and is usually carried over long periods of time. Backpackers usually ride public transport, stay in cheap motels, and they usually do not have well-prepared itineraries for their trip. Without further ado, let’s get to the tips for backpackers.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Opt for cheap airport parking. When leaving your home country, you should opt to bring your car to the airport instead of getting a cab or an Uber. It’s much cheaper, plus it is more convenient than riding public transport. This airport parking Brisbane is what you’re looking for if you want to save up, as we offer affordable long-term airport parking.
  • Travel light. You wouldn’t want to carry a huge backpack full of things that you do not need, do you? Bring the essentials, and leave everything else at home.
  • Do your research. Before leaving, make sure to do your research and know about the country you’re visiting. You should know about its culture, the people, the whereabouts, and everything else in between.
  • Always look out for your things. You will be visiting a country that you are not familiar at all, and it’s always better safe than sorry.
  • Do not splurge – especially on unnecessary things. Be adventurous and eat at local restaurants, and look for things that you can do without having to spend too much money.

What should I bring?

  • Ear Plugs and eye mask. If you are planning on spending your night in a tent somewhere with a lot of people, then it;s best to bring your earplugs and eye mask – as things can get loud in some places.
  • Hand sanitizer or alcohol – for keeping yourself clean and safe from bacteria.
  • A sarong. This has many uses – it can save you from the heat of the sun, you can use it as a skirt, a shawl for visiting temples and mosques, or as a towel when you suddenly want to go to the beach.
  • Waterproof sandals and slip-ons. You never know when you’ll encounter a body of water during your treks.
  • An adapter. Get one with different plugs, just because different countries can have different shapes and types of plugs.
  • Your mobile phone – to stay connected to your friends and family. You can, of course, use this as your digital map, too.
  • A power bank, which is useful for long trips.
  • A first aid kit. For when you get those unexpected cuts. For deeper ones, you have to go and visit a hospital, of course. But this will do for minor scratches.
  • A sleeping bag – if you’re feeling more adventurous and you want to sleep on a beach or someplace outside.
  • A pocketknife. This is useful for opening canned goods, and basically for doing anything else, especially when you’re travelling.
  • A compass, map, or GPS – to keep you from getting lost.

Backpacking is one of the most exciting things a person can do. Always remember to stay safe while having fun, and be a responsible traveller!