Benefits of Off-Site Airport Parking

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to enjoy a holiday without worries. If you are flying out of Melbourne and really keen on finding very cheap airport car park, Alpha Airport Parking is your best option.

Just Like the Airport Car Park, But Much Cheaper

Whether you need to park indoors or outdoors on a short or long term basis, the cheap fees on off-site airport parking will mean huge savings on your part.

Using off-site airport parking is basically like using the same secure parking services at the airport, but for much lower rates. And best of all, you can even grab awesome discounts that will make you think it’s almost free!

A Quick Drive to the Airport – With a Shuttle Service

Off-site airport parking facilities are conveniently located near the terminal, so you won’t have to worry about getting to Melbourne Airport on time. To make it even easier for you, after dropping off your vehicle at the car park, a complimentary shuttle service will take you to the airport, giving you more time to relax and prepare for your flight ahead. When you return, the shuttle bus will also pick you up from the airport.

Car Detailing Options

Whilst your car is not in use, take advantage of car detailing services offered by Alpha Airport Parking and see your car looking squeaky clean when you return. Upon drop-off, you can arrange for an exterior or interior wash so you can have your vehicle polished and prepared for your next road trip.

Not only won’t you have to do the cleaning yourself, but they also have great deals for a wide range of car detailing services.

Convenient Payment Options

With off-site airport car parks, you can forget about parking tickets. After dropping off your car, just head to the counter to pay for your parking. You have a choice of paying with cash or a MasterCard or VISA credit card. In case you leave your vehicle at the parking facility longer than your booking request, you can simply pay for the remaining balance when you arrive on your trip.

For a cost-friendly alternative to airport parking, learn more about our off-site airport parking services on this website.


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