Staying Safe When Flying and Travelling

With the recent events in commercial aviation, travellers worry about travel safety. It has raised questions about the risks of flying and travelling, including the possibilities of accidents that may occur at any time before, during or after the flight.

Is Flying Still A Safe Means of Travel?

Whilst it is inevitable to be concerned about flight safety, it could be a relief to learn that there is only a very small chance that something as bad as death can happen on board.

Based on the statistics released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), out of 36.4 million flights in 2013, there were 81 accidents. And out of around 3 billion passengers from all over the world, 210 fatalities resulted from some of these accidents. This means there is less than 1% chance (even way less than that) that something fatal will occur.

Looking Out for Your Safety On Board

There are plenty of factors and reasons that accidents and other untoward incidents may happen. Although accidents are generally beyond your control, there are steps and safety precautions you can take to prevent certain incidents from happening, or at least lessen the impact.

  • Pay attention to the in-flight safety instructions Before take-off, airlines give in-flight safety instructions, either through a video or a demonstration performed by a flight attendant. Even if you’ve seen this a hundred times, refreshing your mind with the little details will always prove helpful.
  • Listen to in-flight passenger announcements From boarding to landing, in-flight passenger announcements will be made. This includes instructions from the Captain or Chief Flight Attendant regarding procedures during take-off, descent and turbulence.
  • Don’t panic. There are instances when turbulence will occur, which is a common cause for passengers to panic. When you are on board, it is important to always keep your presence of mind and to listen carefully to instructions for your own safety.

Other Travel Concerns

Flight safety isn’t just the concern for many travellers. For others, leaving their property behind is also another worry. Luckily for car owners, they can take advantage of secure airport parking in Brisbane by leaving their cars at Alpha Airport Parking.

But whilst Alpha Airport Parking can help with your car’s safety, there are other safety measures you shouldn’t forget. Before leaving your home, make sure everything has been locked and secured. If possible, ask someone you trust – a neighbour or relative – to regularly check your lot and its surroundings. With these simple steps, you can avoid worrying unnecessarily and just enjoy your trip.