Did the Airline Lose Your Bags? Here’s What You Should Do

You’re at the airport and standing near the luggage carousel, waiting for your checked bags to appear. Minutes have passed, and the last few luggage bags are being picked up by their owners. Dread slowly paralyses you as you realise that the last bag isn’t yours, and your own luggage is nowhere to be found. You head to the customer service counter to enquire about your missing bags. The agent informs you after a while that the airline has misplaced your luggage. Now try to keep your cool–it’s not the end of the world. Instead of shouting at the agent who’s just trying to help you, remember these tips instead:

File a claim

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Once you’ve calmed down, fill up a missing luggage form before leaving the airport. By filing the right documents, you’re creating a paper trail that records where and when you lost your bags. The paperwork will also serve as proof that you followed the correct procedures and will make it easier for service agents to track the progress of your luggage hunt.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

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Depending on which country you’re in and the efficiency of the airline’s customer service team, you might have to spend at least 24 hours to several days without your checked bags. After filing the necessary paperwork, don’t forget to get the facts straight on when your luggage will arrive. Also clarify a few things: if the bags will be delivered to your hotel and if you need to pay additional fees for pickup or delivery.

Call your travel insurance provider

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Give your insurance provider a call and confirm how much of your lost luggage is covered by the policy. Just make sure that you’ve renewed your policy before leaving for your trip. Also keep a copy of your insurance documents along with the company’s hotline, so that you can easily call them wherever you are.

Keep your communication lines open

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As you wait for your bags make sure that the airline, your hotel, and insurance provider can easily contact you. This way, you’ll get regular updates on where your bags are. Should any problems arise, you’ll know it as soon as possible if the people looking for your bags can easily touch base with you.

Keep track of your expenses

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If you didn’t follow the time-tested keep-extra-clothes-in-your-carry-on rule, you’ll have to hit the nearest shop for a change of underwear and clothes. Fortunately, the airline that lost your bags can reimburse the money you’ve spent. Just make sure you keep the receipts. In most cases, no receipt = no reimbursement.

After doing everything you can, you’ll just have to wait for your lost bags to arrive. When following up the status of your belongings, avoid losing your temper. Keep in mind that the airline agents are hired to help you and not act as shock absorbers for all your lost-luggage rage. Besides, you wouldn’t want to start your holiday on a sour note.

Aside from renewing your travel insurance before you leave for a trip, make sure you’ve booked for a secure airport parking that’s just located a few minutes from the airport. This way, you’ll have enough time to check your bags in hours before your flight.

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