back packing

9 Odd Backpacker Essentials People Forget to Bring

Whether you’ve decided to go for a two week holiday or you’ve decided to drop everything to go trapezing from state to state or country to country, you’re sure to need a little more than your usual overnight bag if you’re planning to backpack around. Of course, your wallet, phone, and swiss army knife should be at the top of your checklist, but there are a few unusual backpacker essentials that people often (but shouldn’t) forget to bring:

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winter festival guide

Winter Festival Survival Guide

Although festivals in Australia are all year ’round, there’s something quaint and magical about the festival season in Winter. The air is nippy which means your body is ready to gorge on different delights to keep it warm. Cold weather also means you’ll have more energy to shop around for longer as heat and perspiration typically wears you out faster.

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car park

How Not to Park

Whether it’s looking for an empty spot in a sea of roaring metal, or trying to squeeze in the tightest parallel parking of the decade, ┬áthe truth is that parking is hard. Some people are better at, for sure. But others fail so spectacularly that they seem to make it their life’s mission to aggravate people around them, while serving as entertainment for the rest of us on the Internet. Here are some of our favourite epic parking fails that won our hearts and the hearts of people of the Internet across the globe.

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