Mouthwatering Dishes From the Best Brisbane Restaurants

With Brisbane’s nice weather and edgy arts scene, it’s no surprise that people just cannot get enough of it. The restaurant choices is so diverse, ranging from modern Australian, Mediterranean, Italian, French, Japanese, European, and a whole lot more. With choices this many, you might find yourself in a frenzy trying to choose which restaurants to eat in.

We want you to have the best Brisbane experience. So, here is a compilation of some of the best restaurants in Brisbane. 

Esquire and Esq.

Esquire is the higher end restaurant that offers exquisite food, while Esq. is the casual and more relaxed counterpart. Both serve equally good food though, and these restaurants are just too good to let pass. They change their menu according to the produce in season. What’s more, they continuously look for ways to improve their recipes.

The waitstaff are approachable, so you can expect good service. Their mouthwatering and must-try dishes include the Adolescent lamb black with cardamom, anchovy, and basil.

Stokehouse Q

If you are into Mediterranean food and you want a good of the city while you are eating, then this is the perfect place to visit. Located in South Brisbane, this restaurant offers both outdoor and indoor dining. It has a casual yet sophisticated vibe to it, and their plating is just so pleasant to the eyes. Their mouthwatering and must-try dishes include The Bombe, which is a mix of frozen white chocolate parfait, strawberry sorbet, and toasted meringue.

Pane E Vino

Love Italian food but are on a budget? Then try this one! For just 35 AUD per person, you get to taste some of the best pasta, bread, and wine in all of Brisbane. The menu changes constantly, so you would not have to worry about getting tired of the same Italian food over and over.

Their panini and pasta are staple dishes though, so if ever you start to crave for such, then you can easily head on to this location and have your fix. Their mouthwatering and must-try dish is their Spaghetti Alla Marinara – this will have you thinking that you are actually in Italy!


Craving for Teppanyaki and Sashimi? Kabuki’s Japanese food might just be the winner when it comes to freshness. You can count on biting on fresh and juicy meat from the grill, as the food that you order will be cooked in front of you.

You can choose from a wide variety of meat, seafood, and vegetables. Their mouthwatering and must-try dish is the Gyu Misoyaki, which is made of grilled beef fillet medallions complete with sweet miso sauce.


If you’re up for fine dining, then this restaurant will definitely do it for you. With an average price of 95 AUD per person, you can make sure that this restaurant offers the best of the best – be it freshness, quality, or taste.

This restaurant is a multi-award winning restaurant not only in Brisbane but in the whole Queensland. It is a five-star dining destination which serves only the best and the freshest seafood in town. Their mouthwatering and must-try dish is their Seafood Platter.

If you’re a foodie like us, then you most likely love visiting different cities and countries just to taste the best dishes that the world has to offer. And of course, we encourage you to travel, as this is the best way to learn about different countries and culture.

One advice that we can give is to bring your car to the airport and just park it there. This way, you can save more money as taking a cab to the airport actually costs almost three times more than taking your own car! Go on and heed our tip, and thank us later. Have a great trip and enjoy!