5 Most Instagrammable Hotels in the World

Instagrammable: a term coined because of Instagram, one of the most popular social media sites/apps used in the world today.

It means that a certain place, food, establishment, person, animal, and basically anything under the sun looks good enough to be posted on Instagram. There are no rules, it simply has to be strikingly beautiful to pass the said “category”.

One of the essentials of travelling is finding accommodation that’s comfortable and affordable. But if you want to be extra, then you’d definitely want something that you could use to post to show your friends how amazing your trip is going.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the most instagrammable hotels in the world. 

Keemala (Phuket, Thailand)

keemala phuket thailand

Image credits to www.hiconsumption.com

With the hotel sitting in a secluded hillside 40 minutes from Phuket, Thailand, this one’s easily included on the list. Guests can choose from staying at the clay and straw cottages, tent villas, tree houses, and birds nest villas.

The straw cottages are shown above, and they blend perfectly with the amazing scenery outside! For those people who are looking for extraordinary hotels and are feeling more adventurous, then this one’s for you. This hotel is definitely one that would make your Instagram account follow-worthy.

Amanjiwo (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)


Image credits to www.tripadvisor.com

Asia, you’re doing very good with your hotels. Located in beautiful Yogyakarta, Indonesia, this magnificent hotel looks like a palace that kings and queens would live in. Made with coral-beige limestone, this establishment is one that inspires tourists to take plenty of snapshots of – and post it on Instagram.

The private pools stretch from your own bedroom doors all the way to Borobodur’s (a ninth-century built Buddhist temple) amazing view. The peaceful infinity pool is a sight to behold, and is one of the most famous snapshot-worthy locations in the hotel.

Grace Santorini (Santorini, Greece)

grace santorini

Image credits to www.blacktomato.com

Santorini, Greece is on every traveller’s bucket list. With its romantic and peaceful vibe, the city is always filled with tourists all year long. Every hotel in the city seems to be plain white and minimalist, so what does this hotel have that makes it stand out among the rest?

Well, for one, it is standing on a cliff – one that harbours the quaint sea that makes the city even more magical. It’s just simply hard to miss with this one – whatever photo you take of the Grace Hotel, for sure, is Instagrammable.

El Fenn (Marrakech, Morocco)

el fenn morocco

Image Credits to www.hipmarrakech.com

If you’re into historical buildings and Mediterranean food, then you’re in for a treat. El Fenn at Marrakech in Morocco presents a unique and beautiful hideaway nooks and gardens.

Feast your eyes (and your cameras) on the marble fountains, basins filled with flower petals, colourful furnishing, and bed-flanked pools. 

Samode Palace (Jaipur, India)

samode palace

Image credits to www.cntraveler.com

Intricate details is where it’s at for Samode Place in Jaipur, India. The artwork is incredibly divine that you wouldn’t want to stop taking pictures of it.

The antique furniture and expensive-looking fabrics add that extra oomph to the place. Here are some extras, too: take photos of the camels and amazing sand dunes nearby, and you’d thank yourself for coming to India.

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