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How to Split Holiday Rental With Your Friends

Going on a holiday with friends is pretty exciting, especially if you are going with your closest peers. Planning can be fun as this will bring the whole group together, although it can get a little hectic at times.

Sharing accommodation, food, and transportation costs with your friends will save you a bunch of money, which is especially helpful if you are travelling on a budget. We have got some tips up our sleeves, and we think you would enjoy them.

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5 Tips to Save Cash on Car Parking

Having to find a good parking spot is one of the things that you would have to deal with when purchasing a car. You have to include it on your budget, which can be a pain if you are parking in spots that are quite costly. As a company that offers affordable long and short term airport parking, we love saving up as much as we can. Thus, we are giving you tips on how to save some dollars when it comes to car parking.

Read the Fine Print

You might have been parking in the same old spot for over 10 years, but hey, nothing is permanent these days. Always read the signs and warnings, and see if anything has changed. The rate that used to be $7 per day might have increased to $10, and getting surprised by your fee is not exactly a good thing. If this is the case, then do not be hesitant to turn around and find a parking space that is cheaper. Remember – being frugal is more important than being loyal when it comes to car parking.

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