How to Split Holiday Rental With Your Friends

Going on a holiday with friends is pretty exciting, especially if you are going with your closest peers. Planning can be fun as this will bring the whole group together, although it can get a little hectic at times.

Sharing accommodation, food, and transportation costs with your friends will save you a bunch of money, which is especially helpful if you are travelling on a budget. We have got some tips up our sleeves, and we think you would enjoy them.

Discuss What you Need and Want in a Rental

Everyone must come to an agreement. If someone wants accommodation that’s near the CBD, and someone wants to get a long term airport parking before you leave, then so be it. You have to agree on terms that come to a satisfactory conclusion. 

Set Expectations

Set everyone’s expectations. Everyone should discuss everything before the trip. Let everyone in on the plan, so they can offer their opinions. Talk about your itinerary.

Talk About the Budget

This is one of the most important things to discuss before deciding on a rental. Talk about the food, transportation, activities, and accommodation expenses, and ask your friends if they want to split it evenly or depending on each person’s need.

Make a Schedule

If you are travelling with a huge group, then it would pay to make a schedule for every little thing. Discuss who gets to take a shower during the morning, afternoon, or evening. Decide who will cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, especially if you are planning on dining in as much as you can.

Set Some Rules

Set some ground rules. If everyone is splitting up for the day, then decide on a time and place to meet up. Another thing to discuss is what time everyone should wake up and go to sleep. That way, everyone knows what to expect throughout the trip, and everyone can be happy.

Should you require a siesta or nap time in the afternoon? Another thing to talk about is the key/s. You can always designate a person who will hold on to the key. That person should be easily accessible and contacted by other members of the group, in case they need the key.

And lastly, designate someone who would agree to be the “runner”. This person will be the one to go grocery shopping or will be tasked to buy something if ever the group runs out of some stuff. You can also assign different people for this task, to be fair with everyone else in the group.

Going on a trip is fun, especially if everything is organized. Make sure to follow our tips for a smoother trip! Enjoy and have tons of fun!