How to Avoid Bedbugs When Travelling

As a child at bedtime, you’ve probably heard your mum say this to you many times, “Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” It sounds cute, yeah? But bed bugs are just plain creepy, and there’s nothing cute about getting bitten. The last thing you want is to bring home some uninvited guests to your home from your holiday.

These critters are resilient and ingenious hitchhikers. Bedbugs are well-known for moving from place to place by travelling on various things like your clothing, luggage, bedding, you name it. They can even live without feeding for months until their next meal ticket comes along. So, if you don’t want to be their next target, here are some simple tips.

hotel room

Do some research

So, how do bedbugs spread? Well, you can thank global travel and the selling of second-hand furniture. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step outside of your home anymore.

Before you book a hotel room, check out some of the reviews posted by guests online. See if there are comments about a possible bedbug infestation at the hotel you’re checking out. So, it’s a good idea to do a little sleuthing just to be aware if there’s a serious concern.

Investigate more

Once you arrive at your hotel room, give your bed a thorough critter inspection. Remember that bed bugs live off human blood, and the best way they can feed is where people sleep.

So, don’t unpack your belongings on the bed just yet. Place your luggage in the bathroom first. These critters are less likely to be found there as they don’t have a lot of places to hide.

Pull back the linen. Inspect every inch of your bed, under the mattress, at the back of your headboard, including the immediate surroundings, as well as the furniture. If you see any signs of small dark spots or blood stains, inform the hotel staff straight away.

Image credit - Nikki Gomez via Flickr
Image credit – Nikki Gomez via Flickr

Protect your clothing

One the best places bedbugs can hide in are your clothes. When you are storing your dirty clothes, don’t leave them exposed. So, if available, stash your clothes in a plastic bag to keep them protected.

When you’re doing the laundry, wash your clothes at a relatively high temperature. Bedbugs can’t stand the heat and are unlikely to survive. This will help reduce the chances of bedbugs, as well as their eggs, from infiltrating your home.

old luggage

Clean your luggage

This goes without saying. After unpacking, vacuum your luggage thoroughly and make sure to get all the dirt and debris. Then, store your suitcase in a plastic bag as an added layer of protection.

Armed with the knowledge of where these nefarious critters thrive and how they spread will help you avoid them when travelling. Don’t forget to check yourself for any possible bites. If you discover any, make sure you have a professional check them and get the right treatment.

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