What You Need to Know When Shopping for Travel Luggage

Choose the right luggage for air travel. To help you find the perfect suitcase for your travels, here are some tips.

Go hard or go soft


Newer travel bags come with a hard plastic case or shell made of polycarbonate ABS. It’s a sturdy material that’s less likely to get scratched or crack when dropped.

However, bags with hard cases aren’t that flexible compared to soft cases. This makes them hard to fit in cramped spaces. They also don’t have the usual front pockets.

So if you want one with easy-to-access front pockets and complete flexibility when dealing with limited space or storage, go for a soft case type.

If you don’t really use those front pockets, however, and you don’t mind exerting more effort when squeezing your bag inside the overhead bin, go for a hard-case bag. A hard case type is also the best choice if you’re carrying fragile items.

Four is the new two

wheelsImage by Google

When it comes to travel bag wheels, the more the merrier. Bags with four wheels, instead of the usual two wheels, are easier to move around. Especially when making quick or sharp turns. It’s also easier to keep a heavy bag balanced if it has four wheels since it’s more stable.

Fortunately, many travel bags today are designed with four wheels for convenience. If you’re shopping for a new travel bag, see for yourself why a four-wheel type is better than a two-wheel one–it’s easier to maneuver and won’t put extra stress on your arms and legs, especially if you’re hauling heavy luggage.

Double-check the zippers

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Pickpockets at the airport today are more clever and resourceful, so make sure your bag’s zippers aren’t flimsy or easy to break into.

The zipper is also one of the most commonly damaged parts of a bag, so it has to be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. When choosing a luggage, double-check the material and quality of the zipper–focus on the seams, stitches, and hardware.

Days before your flight, test the zippers and see if they can withstand a bulky luggage. You don’t want your bag suddenly spilling out its contents while at the airport because the zipper broke.

A two-bar handle is your best bet

two bar handleImage by www.moriluggage.com

Compared to a one-bar handle, a two-bar construction is more stable and can withstand wear and tear better.

Along with the zipper, the handle is also commonly damaged because it’s constantly exposed to pressure, friction, and outside elements. So make sure you choose one that’s sturdy and can handle all that pressure and friction.

Also, check if the handle uses minimal space and won’t rob you of precious storage space inside the luggage compartment.

Choose a unique color or design.

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Looking for a black luggage against a sea of black, brown, and blue bags is a nightmare. This is why you need a bag that you can easily identify. Fortunately, luggage manufacturers these days offer plenty of options in different colors and designs.

One thing you have to avoid is a pastel or light-colored bag because these colors easily show stains and wear and tear. Bags with striking colors or patterns are ideal choices because you won’t have problems identifying them, and they won’t easily show signs of damage over the years.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a first-time flier, you need a sturdy luggage bag that can withstand pulling, dragging, and lifting. Keep in mind that most airplane luggage crews don’t have the time to carefully lift each bag from the trolley onto the plane, so they’ll most likely toss it onto the cargo area.

To make sure your belongings are kept safe while travelling, put them inside a luggage that’s sturdy and flexible enough in case you shopped for plenty of souvenirs. No hassle, no stress. If you want even less hassle and stress, book a secure undercover airport parking service from Alpha!