5 things you can do with your kids in Perth

Perth earned its place as one of the must-visit cities in Australia for a reason. Whether it’s the local culture, art, history or landscape, “The Most Isolated City” won’t disappoint. Discover the things you shouldn’t miss as you travel with your kids in a city where nature and a growing metropolis coexist perfectly.


Nestled in between the Indian Ocean and the Australian Outback, the town was founded by Captain James Sterling in 1829 and was named after the Scottish city of Perth. A lot has happened since then, allowing the city to flourish the way it was today.

One of the famous attractions to visit is the Kings Park and the Botanic Garden. You can catch the wildflowers in bloom from July to December. It’s known to be the largest of its kind on Earth, even larger than New York City’s Central Park. It offers a scenic view of the city and inner suburbs any time of the day.

Experience Perth’s unique charm different from other Australian capital cities through these activities you shouldn’t miss if you’re travelling with kids next holiday.

Explore Yanchep National Park

Located an hour’s drive north of Perth, Yanchep National Park has a variety of attractions that can keep your family busy for the entire day. You can start the tour by learning the park’s ancient Aboriginal culture. It is also home to Western Australia’s largest koala colony so exploring that along with friendly kangaroos and native birds will surely thrill both the kids and the young at heart.

If you want to see Perth from an underground perspective, then come and explore the Crystal Caves. It’s filled with stalactites, stalagmite and other natural cave decorations.

Visit the Gravity Discovery Centre

Do your kids have an extraordinary interest in science? Then drive up to Gingin for a day of fun at the Gravity Discovery Centre to perk the little scientists up!

The Gravity Discovery Centre is a science and tourism facility that focuses on Cosmology, Astronomy, and Physics. It’s a great place to let your child’s curiosity, including yours, to run wild.

There are a variety of hands-on exhibits for you to try including the giant black hole. You can also come and measure how much you weigh on different planets, try the Solar System Walk and climb the 45-metre leaning tower where you can experiment with gravity by dropping water balloons from the edge.

Swim and enjoy rides at Adventure World

What’s a better way to enjoy a hot summer day than spending it in a water park? Adventure World is the perfect spot to have a great time in Perth. It’s the only water park in the city filled with attractions suited to satisfy your inner daredevil. You’ll realise why their name fits them; it’s indeed a fun world full of adventure.

There is a galore of amazing rides and water slides that you can try. Some of the rides include the Goliath, a giant pendulum swing ride that will leave you screaming with each rise and fall. The theme park is also a fantastic choice if you’re thinking of something different for an afternoon with friends.

If you’re up for an adrenaline-pumping day, you shouldn’t miss Perth’s only roller coaster, the Abyss. Be ready to excite your senses with “Australia’s Best Roller Coaster”. If you end up wanting for more, don’t forget to add sliding a 60-foot funnel in their ride Kraken. What a great way to make a splash as you slide down a ride that’s equivalent of a six-storey building!

Adventure World is easily accessible, as it’s only a 25-minute drive from Perth and is open from September to April of every year.

Pet the animals at the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm

For a calmer yet one-of-a-kind adventure, Swan Valley should be right up your alley. Swan Valley vineyards are a popular hit among visitors and locals alike. Top your day off with great food in any of its excellent restaurants and cafes.

If you’re travelling with kids, you might want to visit a place they can truly appreciate. Make a stop at Cuddly Animal Farm and make more lasting childhood memories by getting close to farm animals. Bottle feed lambs, piglets, calves and kids or bucket feed rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, chickens, ducks or kangaroos! It’s a great way to teach your kids compassion and give them a glimpse of farm life on your tour.

Enjoy a unique play day at Amaze Miniature Park

Scale models continue to be a favourite hobby for all ages. There’s just something quite satisfying about creating a scale model and admiring it on your shelf. If you want to see some scale models or just look for inspiration for your next project, then visit Amaze Miniature Park in Barragup.

Test your wits with other things you can find around the park including mazes. You will find a circular maze, a hedge maze, as well as a secret garden, lakes, and even a playground.

Taking a break from your daily routine is always a great way to freshen up while spending quality time with your kids. You’ll never regret choosing the sunniest capital city. Get ready, Perth is waiting for you.

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