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5 First-Class Airport Lounges You Need to Visit

So you’ve finally earned extra points or miles to get a free upgrade to a first-class or business class flight. Or maybe you were bumped off from an overbooked flight and thanks to your savvy skills, you were able to talk your way to a first-class seat. Whatever the case is, travelling on a business flight is definitely a worthwhile experience that’ll make any holiday even more unforgettable. To inspire you to fly more and rack up those miles, here are 5 airport lounges worth getting into with a first or business-class ticket.

Etihad Airways’ Premiere Lounge (Abu Dhabi Airport)


When it comes to passenger comfort and luxury, Etihad is always a step ahead. Built by a company from a country known for its love affair with everything grandiose, Etihad’s Premiere Lounge is in a class of its own. After a long and tiring flight, rejuvenate those tired muscles with a complimentary treatment at the Six Senses Spa. If you want to freshen up but want to do more than just splashing water on your face, indulge in a hot shower at one of the lounge’s shower rooms. Traveling with the kids won’t be a hassle because you can leave them at the family room while under the careful watch of a world-class nanny.

Singapore Air’s SilverKris Lounge (Changi Airport)

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Stepping inside Singapore’s Changi Airport’s SilverKris Lounge is like stepping inside a breath-taking oasis. Lush orchids, fish tanks, and great lighting welcome tired first-class guests who are in need of some R&R before, after, or in-between flights. For a complete pamper-me experience, get a hot shower, enjoy a soothing massage at the spa, and doze off comfortably for a few hours inside your own sleeping chamber. After a restful sleep, you’re probably hungry, so head down to the dining area for a quick snack and drink. After a few hours at this lounge, you’re more than ready for your connecting flight or to close a business deal on the other side of the globe.

Qantas’ First Lounge (Sydney Airport)


One look at the Qantas First Lounge area and you know you’re in for a treat. From the spacious sitting areas to the furnishings made of the finest materials such as Swiss quartzite and Italian marble, this lounge space is designed to pamper guests and treat them like royalty. For a more relaxing experience, the walls on the hallway are decorated with vertical foliage. A complimentary spa treatment goes well with a gourmet meal that’s sure to tickle your taste buds. Look outside the stylish glass windows and you’ll see stunning views of Sydney.

Air France’s La Premiere Lounge (Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport)

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Do luxury like the French at the La Premiere Lounge from Air France. As you step inside, the highly trained staff are more than happy to welcome you into a modern oasis furnished with world-class facilities. Before or after a long flight, spend some time at the Biologique Recherche Spa and enjoy a luxurious body treatment. After that rejuvenating experience, head to the dining section or the bar and enjoy the best of French cuisine and wines. You can also take a hot shower right before your flight for a more relaxing experience. Once you’ve made the most of your time at the lounge area, step inside a Mercedes Benz so you could be shuttled comfortably to your plane.

Cathay Pacific’s The Wing (Hong Kong International Airport)

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For an unforgettable five-star dining experience right before you hop onto your flight, head down to The Haven. The restaurant’s a la carte menu offers a wide range of sumptuous Western and Asian dishes and a list of wines that’s perfect for a filling lunch or dinner. After a delicious meal, and if you still have hours left before your flight, catch the news through one of the lounge’s HD TVs, grab a drink at the Champagne Bar or take a nap at one of the spacious day beds. You can also browse through the lounge’s newspapers and magazines at The Reading Room.

Booking a first-class flight can be expensive, but you know you deserve a treat every now and then. So if you feel like splurging on your next holiday or you have enough unused miles, book a first-class flight, spend some time inside the airport lounge, and be treated like royalty.

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