Peace of Mind in Short or Long Term Parking

Parking your car in Brisbane Airport or any car park for that matter can be a bit of a challenge.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous people are always on the lookout for a quick score. It may be the whole car or possibly something that you have left in the car, not realising it could fall under the watchful stare of a thief.

When you go away for an extended period of time and have to leave your car somewhere, it is important to make it appear a useless exercise for a thief to break into.

Clear your seats of any personal items that may hold some value. Even a few CDs left on the passenger seat could alert a crook to the fact that there may be something inside to make a break in worthwhile.

Clear things away off seats and the floor to show that there is nothing left lying around or under something else in the vehicle.

24 Hour Secure Monitoring and Free Shuttle Service

Alpha Airport Parking is conveniently situated off site in Hendra. With its state of the art monitoring and on site staff there is no chance of a would-be robber wandering around looking at and into vehicles for an easy take. Only staff members are permitted into the parking area.

Don’t be deterred by the offsite situation. With a regular shuttle bus travelling to and from the airport, making that flight in time is a certainty. Here you can get the best security at an affordable price. Now that is Peace of Mind.