Flight Mate Etiquette 101

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What Else Should You Consider?

If you have ever taken a flight, be it big or small, you will be well aware that a confined space creates its own pitfalls.

If you are planning on this type of travel then the most important consideration you can offer your co-passengers is good hygiene. There can be nothing worse than being stuck in a seat next to someone who has not bathed recently and is giving off a sweaty body funk. Don’t make the mistake of thinking no one will notice.

Likewise, fresh breath is a big bonus in a confined space.

Making sure you have showered before a flight is a gift to yourself and fellow travellers. You will definitely be more comfortable. You don’t want to over it by piling on too much cologne or perfume though as this could create the same discomfort as smelling manky would.

If you decide to pack food or snacks for the trip, be mindful of what it is. Opening up a tuna fish sandwich or eating a paw-paw can really create effects on fellow passengers that could have very unsavoury outcomes. Low odour foods definitely work best in cramped conditions.

For some, flying is a piece of cake. If you are not one of these people, then find the help you need. So, that you can overcome your fear.

Finally, some people like to chat on flights and some don’t. If you are a chatty person, it is wise to suss out the passengers with you in a gentle way. Some share the need for small talk. Don’t push yourself onto anybody who is giving you the signal they want you to be quiet.