To Book or Not to Book

Deciding to take a trip is always an exciting moment. They say there is a window of opportunity regarding the best time to book a flight.

Some say it is best to book well in advance. This is when the best deals are offered. Others believe just before take-off time is the best time to buy.

Domestic travel whilst appearing to be more flexible still has its own little set of rules.

Mystery flights are always a cheap option but you have absolutely no control on where you end up. If its adventure you seek, then this is a great option  But if you really need to be somewhere for an important event then you cannot leave it to chance.

It would seem that most airlines offer a range of tickets for domestic travel. You can select options such as a classic award, red E-deals, saver lite fares and flexible options.

They all come with a price tag that corresponds directly with the services, or lack of, that you are prepared to accept such as taking checkable luggage with you or the ability to change your flight arrangements.

A certain number of the cheap tickets are allocated per flight and once they are sold you then have no choice but to accept a more expensive option if you cannot negotiate the date you need to travel. Most times you can wait until up to a week before the flight and be safe, but it is a gamble.

Not So With Airport Parking

The airport authority lets the airlines compete for your custom and reaps the benefits.

Some people are still unaware that it is not only possible but easy to secure airport carpark at very competitive rates.

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